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The Keanu Reeves Super Bowl Spots for Squarespace are quite fantastic - Squarespace In 2018, one of our favourite previous promotions was Squarespace's new adverts with Keanu Reeves. It is the fifth Super Bowl in a row for the business that has invested a great deal of cash in podcast and other thousands of year old platform advertisements in recent years. Spot showing Keanu Reeves, a Squarespace client and co-founder of Arch Motorcycle, who surfs on one of his own bicycles.

During the ride on the motorbike, Reeves encouraged the audience to make the same metaphoric jump to indulge their passion and dream. This 30-second commercial will run during the Big Games as part of a major Reeves marketing effort that will include two more movies designed to encourage spectators to take the first steps towards their passion by creating a website on Squarespace.

It was six years ago that Mr. Reeves, together with his co-founder Gard Hollinger and the remainder of the Ark team, founded the American motorbike firm based on his love of the motorbike. Squarespace was chosen by the Arch community to deliver its product to the global market because of its commitment to high performance designs. Motivated by his involvement in the development of his bicycles, Mr Flynn also has a practical attitude to the management of the Squarespace website Arcotorcycle.

Not the only ad with Keanu Reeves, you can find them all on the company's YouTube channels, and they are all quite great. With Keanu at the bonfire, this is my favourite so far. Upload your domainname to Squarespace in a few simple moves.

Square Space got Keanu Reeves to make a bunch of weird ads for her.

Whatever you think about whether publicity is good or bad, it is undeniably the season for good commercials. What better way than Keanu Reeves alone in the wilderness offering this facility that supports virtually all your favouriteodcasts? Have a look at this strangely funny place from Squarespace and Neo/John Wick/Johnny Utah himself:

Such as this one, which so to speak acts as an introduction to the entire Keanu Reeves approach to travelling through the wilderness, in pursuit of a way to get his young motorbike company off the ground: Post them on the web. "Thank you, Keanu Reeves. Thank you, Squarespace. Meanwhile, almost everyone on the east coast of the United States has learned that Hurricane Florence will be a severe one.

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