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The company tests the water with the strongest eye-catcher of marketing on Sunday: That travel agent will keep your vacation secret until you get there. His personal project to build his own plant was started within a few months and Squarespace was born. In order to provide you with the best possible experience on our websites and in our apps, Meredith works with third parties to deliver advertisements, which include personalised advertisements.

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Squarespace, Inc.

Anthony Casalena was in a quandary in 2003 to want a place on the web that would combine different software in one place, so he set to work to make it happen. In a few month his own plan to build his own plant was started and Squarespace was created.

In the meantime, the company has expanded to 580 staff based in New York, with Portland and Dublin based agencies. With Squarespace Analytics' easy-to-use template, low cost per month and grow analyses, Squarespace enables your customers to create face-to-face or company Web sites from the ground up.

From home Anthony Casalena began programming in "the middle of the woods of Massachusetts " and taught himself C++ Builder and VisualBasic while he was just beginning high school. Casalena completed an internship at HyperOffice within a few years, where his skills continued to develop. Back in college, Casalena was part of the funk, a period when blogs were just beginning to discover WordPress, Blogger and Typepad.

Casalena, in an effort to build his own website, realised that all service was separated from webhosting, blogs, images, page layout, analysis and even good webdesigns. Casalena designed his own website, which he shared with relatives and acquaintances, and began to make requests for his own site.

Casalena's aim after graduating was New York City, and he pulled his server there before doing it himself. During the first three years, Casalena was a one-man business, but Casalena realised that in order to deliver the desired services, it was essential to take account of customers' needs.

As Squarespace became more and more popular, Casalena began to delegate to others the work he had previously done himself (programming, programming, merchandising, advertising, client support, designing, infrastructural development and more) and build crews. In its early years, Squarespace did not use email management software, but when Casalena began optimizing its Google AdWords to find out which target groups it was targeting, it earned technology breakthroughs.

As Squarespace switched to sponsorship of podcast videos, it opened up a whole new public and completely transformed Squarespace's operations. The number of users had increased enormously within a few month and altered the overall functionality of Squarespace. Today Squarespace houses tens of thousands of websites, ranging from entrepreneurial to incumbent companies to its original face-to-face sites.

Squarespace has drawn such renowned people as Nasty Gal, the Marina Abramovic Institute, Rodarte and Kombucha Dog, to name but a few, from clothing designers to an industrial concern for the protection of animals and a company for the start-up of combucha.

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