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Create a contact page - Square Help A contact page with contents such as your contact information, a contact sheet, a card and operating times can be added to your website. Tip: If you're working in a new website, your submission may already have a demonstration contact page that you can copy, so you can bypass some of these stages. When your style sheet comes with this page, open it, click Edit, and then click Make in News to adjust the sample contents. For more information about demonstration contents, see Working with demonstration contents. Type a name for the page (e.

g. "Contact" or "Contact"). Blanks is an empty shale where you can combine various types of block to make a customized look from text, pictures, and contents.

If you already know how to organize your contact page, this is a great choice. Contacts provide three different design options with different combination of form, card, address and number. Substitute wildcards with your own contents or go beyond the initial design by creating and reordering blocs. To begin to add contents, click Begin edit.

In the following paragraphs you will find the general block descriptions that can be found on the contact pages. In order to insert one of these block, click on an insertion point or the + symbol and then choose from the block menu. See the section Managing your block. Tip: If your style sheet has a bottom line, you can insert one of these pads there to show contact information location-wide.

Include a pad of forms to build a customized e-mail collection request or allow people to contact you. Templates can be sent to your e-mail adress, Google Drive or a MailChimp subscription mailing lists. Adjust the shape with different shape boxes, a single news item after sending, and more. Normally, forms are sent to the page owner's e-mail inbox.

How you can modify this can be found in forms management and saving newsletters. Related to the stationery pad, the block is designed for the promotion of newsletters subscription. It is less adaptable than the stationery pad, but this optimized paradigm can make the login procedure easier. MailChimp or Google Drive can be connected to a block of newsletters.

In order to include a Google Maps that highlights your adress, you need to include a block of maps. Hint: The chart can only show one position spin. If you want to see more sites, simply insert additional blocks of maps. In order to view your e-mail adress, you can generate an e-mail adress. If you click this text, the visitor's standard e-mail application opens with a notification to the e-mail e-mail specified in the link.

In order to append symbols or button that take you to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other community sites, append a community links area. And if you haven't done so yet, join the account (s) you want to be linked to in the group. Easily create additional text pads that contain your home office location, office opening times, headers, or other detail you want to view.

Activate the portable information bar to view your office opening times, your current position, your telephone number, and your e-mail on a single screen. Once you've completed your add block work, simply Drag & Drops them across the page to make a customized look. For more information on how to move a block, see Move a Block or Creating a Page.

Once you've saved your contact page, you may want to: Try your stationery pad to make sure its save settings are associated.

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