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I sent an e-mail when I realized there was no phone number. There are a number of products from Squarespace customers on the site. Lessons learnt from Squarespace's beautiful new headquarters. Founded by the website company's founders, the firm focuses on the needs of employees and corporate assets. Squarespace's founding father and chief executive officer says he thinks the right approach to designing an efficient working environment is essential.

Squarespace Central is on four levels (five if you take the roof into account) of the historical Maltz Building in New York, which once housed the production center in the city's printing district.

In order to realise its visions, Casalena cooperated with the architectural office A+I, whose customers included Tumblr, HBO and Viacom. In collaboration with leading architect Brad Zizmor and Dag Folger, the squarespace design office design department spend more than 13 month reflecting on and implementing Squarespace's design for Portland, Ore. They interviewed staff in person, organised group research session and workshop, carried out online polls and spend time watching staff to find out what the crews wanted in their working environment.

Squarespace's New York office's dark entry looks easy but is still painstakingly detailled. An absence of lively colour on the external doorway symbolises the elegant lightness that the firm tries to communicate with its products. On the whole site there is only a small plate with the inscription "Squarespace" - Casalena wanted the draft to stand out.

The room is filled with high ceiling, glazed flooring, naturally lit rooms and a variety of sitting areas. It is a meeting point for guests and staff and at the same time serves as an events room and area for working or maintaining independently. A number of Squarespace customer product lines are located on the site.

Since most of Squarespace's staff are engineering and design professionals, it was important to include a large number of rooms where they could switch freely between personal and team work. Walking through the room, you may see two persons gathering on a sofa in the hallway for a cup of tea, a group of persons working together at a number of tables in the back of the room, or someone making a personal call to the community area.

Hunderds of staff sitting on them have a magnificent view of New York. As with many technical bureaus, the room is open. Illumination and furnishing accentuates the Squarespace range of blacks and whites, giving the product structure and heat while preserving a clear understanding of organisation. "Squarespace PR and Communications Associate Director Terry Wei says, "I can go out on the rooftop or run around and meet guys and just go down on the sofa and have a spontaneous session.

Casalena and the staff have made it their mission to create a room that reflects the business, in which creativeness, convenience and collaboration can co-exist. "It' s the humans who move in the room, it' s the thoughts in the room, it' s life in the room," says Brad Zizmor, architecture director Brad Zizmor.

In the same way that Squarespace's web sites are designed to present its customers' product range, the Casalena brand hopes to bring simple, minimalist and elegant design to the room and emphasize the "products" in the offices - the people and their work.

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