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The cost of the plan depends on the availability of premium features. Transacting charges - Squarespace Help The Squarespace project includes transactions charges for commerce orders and contributions. We have two fees: a settlement charge (varies between Stripe and PayPal, applies to all plans) and a Squarespace transactions charge (3% or none, according to plan). When selling or donating to Squarespace, read this manual to find out what your tariffs are, how they are calculated, and how you can see your charges per order.

Please note: All charges are based on the full amount of the order, plus shipment. Trade and Payments Settlement are premier facilities available in the latest Website Business Planner and higher: Here are our transactions charges for our latest settlement schedules. The Squarespace transactions charge will not be applicable if you registered with Squarespace before 3 November 2015 and did not join a recent settlement schedule.

The Squarespace transactions are charged if you registered for Squarespace between 3 November 2015 and 30 November 2017 and did not join a recent settlement schedule: Both Stripe and PayPal levy handling charges. Stripe handling charges differ by state. Charges may differ by site. Charges are immediately levied in the event of a successfully completed payment order.

This fee is deducted from your merchant bank statement and is separated from your regular Squarespace subscriptions. In order to check the fee per order please open the order in Stripe. For more information, see the Charges position in the section entitled Zahlungsverbindungen. In order to view the charges, please login to your PayPal Business area.

You can see transactions charges as a disbursement to Squarespace on the Action page. Reimbursement of handling charges varies by processor. Please note: The reimbursement of a gift does not cover the stripe handling charge and the Squarespace transactions charge. Complete rebates shall incorporate Squarespace's merchant charges and shall partially reimburse a proportion of the charges.

Reimbursements do not cover Stripe handling charges. The full refund includes Squarespace's merchant shipping and handling charges and most of PayPal's handling charges, without PayPal's firm merchant shipping and handling charge (e.g. $0.30 for US account transactions). Reimbursements of parts contain a proportionate part of the charges, but not the PayPal firm payment charge. In order to prevent the 3% squarespace charge, you can consider changing to a commerce-billing plan.

Website Business Settlement Schedule is a good way to run a small store. When you have a large transaction size, the Commerce Schemes waive the Squarespace handling charge. See Selecting the Right Squarespace Map for more information.

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