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Create square room account

In order to create your account, visit the Squarespace website. This is how to register for a Squarespace account Registering for your Squarespace account is simple. There' s no need to be worried about buying your account in advance as you can create a free test account. Just select a pattern, type your first and last name, use a legitimate email adress, type a keyword and - voice over - you have a website to customize.

Please pay Squarespace a call. The Squarespace homepage is displayed. To view the template chooser page, click the Get Launched button. Click the Get Start icon. Select a templat. Squarespace's templating page shows you all the different types of templating Squarespace provides, divided into three major categories: businesses, portfolio and blogs. Optionally, you can browse through all your documents or limit your searching to one of the previous category.

a. Move your cursor over a pattern. b. Click on the pattern to see more information and some samples of client pages that use the pattern. Don't get too confused with the selection of your artwork. It' easy to modify your design after signing up for the free test account. c. If you find a design you like, click the Start with this design icon.

You will see the Create registration page for your website. Enter your first and last name in the Name boxes. We use your first and last name to create your Squarespace account name, which in turn is inserted at the beginning of your site's unique Web site address. For example, if you want to use John Smith as your account name, enter John in the First Name box and Smith in the Last Name box.

When you create an account for your company or trademark, you can use your company or trademark name in the First Name and Last Name boxes. Square account name must begin with a character and consist of 3-25 digits. Allows you to use alphanumeric and hyphen symbols in the account name. Enter a current e-mail adress.

Be sure that the email is an email that you use regularly, as Squarespace uses this email to deliver important alerts about your account. When you create your second, third, or fortyth website with Squarespace, you can use the same email addresses that you used for another Squarespace account. You' ll have a little less credentials to memorize, and you can also go to another of your Squarespace account by simply klicking on the Squarespace icon in the Site Manager.

Enter a safe passphrase in the Passphrase box. If you create a passphrase, do not use apparent choices such as your account name or the words squared or blank. Don't pass on your passwords. The choice of a safe pass word is important. There are many on-line items on how to create a safe passphrase.

In order to verify the safety of your passwords, please read How safe is my passwords? Press the Create Your website pushbutton. Your have an account with Squarespace and a website that is available for you to adapt and fill with contents.

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