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Customer accounts at Squarespace

Customer account usage - how clients use customer accounts - square help Once you have activated customer accounts, clients can log into their accounts to administer their information and display orders. Describes how clients set up and maintain their own accounts. As soon as you have activated customer accounts, your clients can open an online payment or login page in your browser window.

Once an affiliate has created an affiliate profile, affiliates will be sent a welcome e-mail. Tip: You can customise this e-mail to fit the make of your shop and contain important information. Once clients have entered their e-mail, mailing and invoicing information, they can activate the option Generate your Cash Register for quicker cashing and generate a login for their new bankroll.

The password for the customer must consist of at least 10 digits. Customer can store Visa information, but not PayPal or Apple Pay. Activating customer accounts will add a login hyperlink to your browsing area. Clients can use this shortcut to register or log in to a new customer area.

Your artwork determines the look and feel of the sign-in links. You can use the brine families styles to fade out the sign-in links or modify the styles and placements. Clients with accounts can login to the cashier by selecting Login below the Email box. Then you can pick a stored delivery location and pay for your order more quickly.

Clients log in using the Log in button in your browser menus. Once you have logged in, the My Accounts page will change. As soon as you are logged in, you can click on the My User Info link: You can also click the Show Order button in order e-mails. It will open a new tabs or windows where you can login to your login page and see your order.

Introduction of customer accounts for your online shop - The official Squarespace Blog

Improve the online shop turnover rates and generate customer accounts. The new Squarespace Online Stores functionality allows your clients to log in, track payments and shipments for accelerated ordering, and review their order histories. Enable your shoppers to retain their invoice and shipment information so they can make their purchase more easily and quickly when they come back to your shop.

Accounts help establish a customer loyalty database that is visited and purchased frequently. Enhance customer relations with added brand-related touch points, such as the customisable welcome e-mail sent when an user creates an account/login. Together with our customer panels, the Customer Accounts function provides another way to get useful insight into your customers' buying habits and preferences.

Accounts are available for online stores for the Commerce Basic and Commerce Advance plan. Feel free to read our Help Center or contact our award-winning Customer Care Team if you have any queries.

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