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Contact with a customer - Square help When you want to get in touch with a customer about an order, you will find their e-mail in the order overview. It is a great way to let your clients know about delivery hold-ups, replacements and other problems. In the Purchase Orders window, open it. And you can also hit? while any of the panels is open and browse for orders.

To open the Order Overview screen, click an order. It is also possible to browse by order number, e-mail or customer name in the field. Copy the customer's e-mail in the Order Overview screen. Use your e-mail service providers to e-mail your customer.

New York Region, États-Unis d'Amérique - Tarifs horaires Squarespace pour les agents du service à la clientèle

Salaries for Customer Care Agent at Squarespace peut varier de 19 $ à 21 $. This estimate is based on 1 salary statement(s) for Customer Care Agent on Squarespace posted by employees or calculated using statistical methods. View all Customer Care Agent salaries to see what a comparison looks like in the job market.

New York Region, États-Unis d'Amérique, spécialiste du service à la clientèle, Squarespace Salaries for Customer Care

Basic Compensation Average Total Compensation Average Additional Compensation Average Average Average A typical salary for Customer Care Specialist at Squarespace is $45,000. Salaries for Customer Care Specialist at Squarespace can range from $42,000 to $48,000. This estimate is based on 3 salary(s) for Customer Care Specialist at Squarespace posted by employees or estimated using statistical methods.

If bonuses and other additional benefits are included, an average total compensation of $45,000 can be expected for a Squarespace Customer Care Specialist position. View all Customer Care Specialist salaries to see how they compare with the market.

Customer Care Reviews

  • Not much brainpower, skill or inexperience is needed to work "well" - leaders...are not efficient and do not have employees who manage experiences, abilities and abilities and do not know how to give useful feedbacks. Deal with all your divisions the same way, encourage those who have the abilities and experiences to guide others, penalize favoritism and Buddhism-promotion.

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