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I' d rather stay out of quadratic space." Usually no customer priorities and no one makes contacts. On the G Suite, I logged into Squarespace and then it just happened to stop working, and as a consequence I don't have Gmail or Google Drives. I' ve been informed that my case has gone off the rails and it could take "several days" to solve it.

At last I gave in to the printing of the publicity podcasts after using the Squarespace user interfaces at work and found it very simple. It would be simple to use, even if you have no knowledge of web engineering and web designing. And the only possible drawback is that you need to be a little resourceful to make sure your site still looks different and not "just another Squarespace site".

I have seen the greatest complaint on this page that is completely real - Square Space customer support is idiotic at best when it's available, and non-existent at the weekend. Answers to your question are provided by references to playful "how to" hints. Because the " designer surface " is missing even the most elementary control elements - orientation, padding, etc. - you are quite busy doing whatever Squarespace prescribes.

As Squarespace said, this is for my own good, as too many style are " poor designs ". A 20-year-old who' s confused about drugs tells me what good designs are. This is a special feature. I wouldn't use it again. I' m very pleased with the services, prices and qualities of Squarespace.com's work.

Our advisor, who we contracted to design our website, bought us from Squarespace because he had created many pages with them and they all looked very professionally and attractive. I' m by no means a "technician", but I can comprehend the analysis report in Squarespace and it is also linked to our Google Analysis.

I had nothing but a good Squarespace user Experience after being dissatisfied with my former site. The customer support is excellent. I' ve had many of my buddies converted to Squarespace and they all like it. For over 20 years we have been creating web sites and this site provides exactly what it says and more.

It' NOT for everyone (e.g. if you have a big e-commerce site), but nobody should recommend everyone for a particular site. Squarespace is the only space that provides exactly what they say. Being someone who's been using the site for over 5 years, I can't help but have the feeling that many bad reviews on the subject come from developer's who prefer other sites or those who have had trouble doing it alone, and then blame the site if they get bogged down instead of putting their money into appropriate help.

I have not found anything to justify a one-star rating. I have set up over 30 customer locations and have had 0 customer complains so far. Yes - there is no telephone customer service. But these are small considering the advantages Squarespace offers; simple/intuitive CMS, outstanding standard template, high performance customization, safe webhosting, third party partnering, outstanding insight/analytics and much, much more.

Don't let the negative here stop you from testing Squarespace, jumping and playing a game and deciding for yourself. I' ve been on Squarespace since February 2017 and was previously a Wordpress design and development professional. My plan is to move my prospective customers to Squarespace because it's just less complicated to refresh and move things when they want to.

The Squarespace customer support has been good so far, even though I am on GMT+8 and am not always able to get into their online chats. Trying and aborting was simple, so not quite sure why others experience it differently, and...making code changes is simple, so I'm also able to customize Squarespace pages very individually.

It' a great plattform that is really easy to use, but it also allows you to customize it so that it is perfectly suited for my clients who find WordPress too complicated and loathe the notion of having to organize it. Every page I wrote was praised very much. While I like the ease of use of Squarespace on its CMS I find its customer support for any help that is totally atrocious.

Squarespace's only way to ask for help is through its on-line message services, after which there is a long waiting of up to a few working day for the reply, after which the reply you receive is not helpful and does not resolve your issue. I' m totally crazy about it and to be perfectly frank, I wish I had never put my website on Squarespace because of it.

My recommendation is to go with the good old Wordpress or Shopify and have your website hosted with a Siteground that offers great customer and tech support. Between SetMySite, Weebly and Squarespace. I' ve opted for Squarespace..... Love the services. Love the concept of an all-in-one hosted and secure server where professional hosters and secure servers, as well as secure server and backup services, are all part of an all-in-one solution where you can really just go to designing and doing busines.

Squarespace just didn't have what I really needed. Except you actually know what you're doing when it comes to designing, isn't it very appropriate (did you know that pictures should be scaled to a certain size, or that you need to type subwords for search engine, or that you need something named 301 Remedirects when you change the page name?

And I thought website designing was about making things look beautiful. Squarespace just doesn't process EVERY last little thing - they give you plenty of time to study and work alone. It' really about learning how to construct, sketch, update, modificate, etc. for every ideas or changes you need to make.

After 3 month of not producing what I had in my mind I finally called my friend SetupMySite because they have a real all-in-one set up where they do whatever you want and do all the other things that have been said before. Finally, I suggest Squarespace for small soloprojects, single or double person start-ups, side projects...but not for those who live off their work.

Horrible customer support. I am satisfied with the solution to my problems provided by Squarespace Customer Support. Meet your clients. Receive true customer information and answer your reviews.

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