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Where can I get in touch with Squarespace Customer Service? - Square help The Squarespace customer service is available during these times: Customer Care Advisors work from our head offices in New York, Portland and Dublin. Launch an e-mail or webcast with Squarespace: You will be asked to login to your Squarespace accounts when asked to do so. Choose the topic that best describes your query from the drop-down menu. And if the instructions don't help you, click E-mail or Listen to us via our web site.

To write your e-mail or begin your online chats, please obey the instructions on your computer monitor. Non-available real-time chats on portable equipment. It really does help to be generic. There are no pictures we can see inside, so add them instead of drag them into the text of the e-mail. Replies can be sent directly from our e-mail answer.

When you have new issues, we suggest that you create a new issue so that each issue can be processed in its own e-mail threads. Sometimes, for reasons of safety and secure operation, we will ask you to check information related to your bank details, such as the cardholder's name or the last four numbers on the credit that have been deposited on your website.

You may also be asked to check the accountholder by sending us an e-mail from the unique e-mail that is on record for the website. Your security is our top policy and we ask that you provide this information to help us safeguard your personal information, security and security.

We do not provide telephone help - Squarespace Help

24/7 on-line e-mail and Twitter as well as web chats on days between 16:00 and 20:00 hours are available. Customer Care Advisors are true, kind people who work from our head offices in New York, Portland and Dublin. Because we really don't believe it would be possible to give the same level of efficient telephone help, we don't give telephone help.

For various different reason we chose to keep our technical assistance online: Often we ask you to provide us with screen shots, video and link images so that we can see what you see. You can also get screen shots and video that will take you in the right directions. Our on-line technical assistance keeps detailled recordings in one place.

We' ve got a lot of feed back that our online instant messaging is similar to telephoning as it is a real-time call.

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