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How to contact customer service for a customer - Squarespace Help When you are a designee or programmer and need to get in touch with Squarespace on customer's account, follow these hints. One of these layers allows us to directly review and debug information about your personal websites rather than asking you to get in touch with your customer. There are some problems you can fix by first guiding your clients through some fundamental trouble-shooting in your web-browser.

Once you've made a simple error correction in your webbrowser, passing on the information you've found gives us a useful framework and can help us prevent additional back and forth in your case. Wherever possible, record and supplement this information at the beginning of your online chats or tickets: When your customer needs help, let us know how to make a screenshots.

If you get help for a customer, e-mail can be more effective than a face-to-face session. Whilst chatting is ideal for instant responses and real-time debugging, there is not so much room to stop a call to ask a customer for more information when you need it. E-mail allows you to delay registering with a customer before replying and even creating CCs.

When you are a Squarespace Circle member, use the e-mail account you used to register for the Circle.

Questions and safety - Squarespace Help

Guidance in this section can help you solve frequent problems and inform yourself about our safety procedures. Our award-winning Customer Care staff is available around the clock if you need further assistance. A few problems can be resolved with our trouble shooting tutorials. Explore why your website loads slow. Prevent problems downloading pictures by reformatting pictures for the best presentation.

Find out how to stop and restore your missing assets. Finding a solution to frequent errors. Bug fixing for problems with the Commerce cash register. When you do not receive answers to forms, correct any problems. If you have questions about your style, read the instructions for fixing your design troubles. Your web browsing preferences affect the loading and display of Web sites. However, if you have problems displaying or modifying your site, please refer to our web browsing checklist for our primary fix.

Please use the latest versions of our featured webservers. It is recommended that you disable your web browsing add-ons and enhancements as they may affect the operation of the site. Find out how to answer Squarespace frequently asked safety related question in these guides: Is Squarespace able to support my highly frequented website? It' from Squarespace? Support is available via Twitter, e-mail and via our web site.

When your site does not load, it could be a system-wide problem that we fix.

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