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Customer Management - Squarespace Help You can check and administer the customers who buy in your business in the customers area. You can use this control box to: Display your customers' profile with important information such as order histories, e-mail addresses, and overall spend. Arrange customers by number of jobs, spend, and other variable. Organise customers with the help of memos and tagging.

Client panels are only available for Commerce Basic and Commerce Advance plan updates. The Squarespace Commerce application allows you to display your customers' information on your portable devices. Client profile is generated auto-generated on the basis of their orders and e-mail address input at the check-out. At present, it is not possible to add, export, or modify customers by hand.

Client profile does not contain deserted checks. Activate client accounts to help clients get to cash register quicker. In this way, they can set up an affiliate and store their payments, delivery address, cart and order information safely. Clients with an existing bank account show a period in the Accounts columns of the Clients area.

Click Customers in the Start menu. Alternatively, you can hit the ? button while any of the panels is open and browse for "Customers". "You will see a customer listing in the pane. Type the text in the text field and hit return to find your customers. Look for a name, email and tag.

Select a client to see its detail. On the Profile page, you can display the following: When your client has an affiliate bankroll, you will be able to see all his stored delivery adresses, method of payments and invoice adresses. When the last order for a digitally or serviced item was placed, the delivery location is not displayed.

This figure does not include reimbursements. Customize your search by adding custom tagging to make your customers organized and findable. An example is the creation of a top 100 day for identifying top customers or a vegan day for recording nutritional requirements. Your customers cannot see the labels. Type text in the Inner Labels box to include browsable labels.

In order to administer your tag, click on Tag in the client area. If you want to combine a tag, click more than one tag, type a name, and then click Combine. Easily include built-in memos to keep tabs on client detail such as specific shipment inquiries, past interaction, and other important detail. Type text in the Internal memos box, and then click Store.

In the Internal Memos box, you can display past memos with the post name and date you typed. Erase earlier memos by dragging the recycle bin symbol. Please note: Customers' memos are only displayed in the customer's unambiguous account and do not contain order notices. On the Purchase Orders page, you can see a history of the customer's last 10 purchase orders.

In order to take actions on an order, such as receiving it, cancelling and refunding it, or printing an invoice/delivery note, click Administer on the order board. All customers can be exported to a single customer area customer space customer spacesv (.csv) files. It can help you build a mailinglist, a promotional drive and much more.

Contains the CVS file: Please note: Memos are not contained in the export. tsv files. Is it possible for my customers to login to their bank Accounts? Activating customer profiles allows your customers to register at the cashier or through a sign-in hyperlink on your website. You can login into your personal profile to administer your stored information and review your orders.

Is it possible to upload new client profile? When an order is placed, client profile is created using the e-mail addresses provided when the order was placed. When you have activated client account, your clients can log in and set up an account without having to place an order. Is it possible to convert a . CVS from certain groups / tag of customers?

It is only possible to save the complete client record as a CVS-files. It does contain tag information, however, so you can easily order and refine the data by any criterion after opening the document with a spread sheet application. How come I see double customers? Client profile is created using the e-mail addresses provided with the order.

For a second order, if a client uses an alternative e-mail location, a new client account will be created. Currently it is not possible to combine different sections. There is no delivery adress? Information about the client is given on the basis of the last order. When the last order was a digitally or serviced item, no delivery information was entered at the check-out.

Is it possible to erase a client? But you can use a day like "Active Customer" to emphasize the customers you want to keep tracking. May I use customers for a Commerce Legacy Scheme? Customers are only available for the latest Commerce Basic and Commerce Advance subscriptions.

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