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Survey of the square space analysis - Square space help The Squarespace Analytics is our report generation tool that gives you an overview of the performance of your website. Analytics allows you to get a clear view of your visitor's behaviour by creating statistical charts such as page views, page convert, page sell, referrer and favorite contents. When you have an on-line shop, Analytics contains turnover, currency exchange and termination information so you can see how your company is developing and see how it can grow.

Website owners and collaborators with administrative and report privileges can see analytics. Updating analytical results can take up to 60min. It is currently not possible to extract analysis information. Best practices are to keep an eye on when you make major changes to your website or your contents to see how your information reacts.

How you gain control of your analytical panel and functions will depend on it: When your schedule does not contain certain analysis functions, you will see a pre-view and an option to perform an update. Exit Shopping Cart and Sales Summary are only available on site maps if a pay provider is linked to your site. Click in the start menu on the Analytics button.

To view the summary view, click a pane. The Analytics pane in the Commerce Basic plan: Gain visibility into deserted shopping baskets and the effectiveness of email to restore deserted checkout. Basic and Commerce Advance Pläne. In the Commerce Basic plans, this field only shows cart, lost, and recoverable information.

Find out more about the abandoned shopping cart. Find out more about the activity log. Find out more about converting forms and buttons. Find out more about geography analysis. Find out which words bring the most Google visitors to your site. Find out more about Google Keyword Services. Have a look at which catchwords are driving your website visitors from Google, Bing and Blekko.

Find out more about other search terms. Find out more about popular content. View a pictorial view of the hopper and your store's turnover rates. Find out more about the purchase hopper. Analyse the amount of feedback your RSS feeds receive, useful for blogs and Podcasters. Find out more about RSS subscribers. You can see at a single look how your business develops when you are selling on Squarespace.

Web site and trade planning. In the site maps, this pane is only available if you have a linked payments service provider. Find out more about the sales overview. Find out what your website users are looking for. Find out more about the search queries for the website. Gain insights into visitor and commitment trending and keep abreast of your audience's growing over the years.

Find out more about the overview of your visitors. When you join Commerce Basic or Advanced Plan, you can see how much sales each sales channels - such as employee, e-mail and instant messaging - generates for your organization. Find out more about our sources. Find out more about popular analytical terminology in the analytical glosses. Frequently asked question are answered in the analytical FAQ.

The Analytics Mobil App is available for downloading to your desktop or laptop to retrieve information from your portable devices.

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