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Work with demo contents - Squarespace Help If you are building a website using Squarespace, begin by selecting a style sheet. Every Squarespace artwork comes with demo contents to emphasize the strength and specificity of the artwork. Thoroughly curated by our in-house designers, the texts and pictures will provide you with inspiration and a stepping stone for your own creative work. The Bedford demo for example shows the appropriateness of the original for charitable purposes as well as its specific text and call button on canvas.

Demo contents are meant as a source of information only. As you create your website, you use utilities integrated into the Squarespace framework to substitute the demo text and pictures with your own customizable, original contents. It is recommended that you remove or supersede all demo contents before you upgrade to a pay per user plan. When your website still contains a demo page after the upgrade, it will be loaded as a 404 bug page on your web site.

Demo-Index pages are loaded as empty pages. Every demo site uses "noindex" tag to avoid that they appear in your results. When you want to use stick image as a replacement for demo contents, we provide Getty Image for you. The most demo contents exist as pages in your page area.

The appearance of your page pane will vary according to which demo contents are available, but all demo pages will have demo next to the page name. Dependent on your templates, you can see extra wildcard demo contents such as a tagline, footing, or side bars. Move the mouse pointer over this contents and click the Edit Annotation button to edit it.

When you like the look of a demo page, you can modify it and substitute the contents with your own pictures and texts. When you first start editing a demo page, a dialog box opens asking if you want to proceed. Samples of pictures and texts are deleted from the collected pages in order to conform to Squarespace's general conditions.

Normal pages do not delete contents as such. Move your mouse over the page previews and click Edit to insert your own contents. As soon as you start to edit, the demo flagg for this page disappears in the page area. You can use the page's layout to create your own custom pictures and text. In order to find floor pictures, we provide a Getty Image integrator.

Notice: You must manually uninstall demo pictures. In order to eliminate them, move your mouse over each picture and click on the button Disconnect one. You can also create your own pages from the ground up by deleting the demo pages if you like. Once you have removed demo pages, they remain in the Recycle Bin forever. If you change the demo style, the demo contents will be substituted by the demo contents of the new style.

All pages you have made, as well as demo pages whose example contents you have superseded, go to the Not Links section. May I use the demo contents? We do not. Subject to our General Conditions, templates and demo contents are for your convenience only and you are not licensed to use any samples or contents on your own website.

You have to substitute the demo contents with your own pictures and texts. In addition, using your own website is the best way to make sure your website reflects your own distinctive corporate identity. In order to find great floor pictures for building your website, we provide a Getty Image solution. What do you have demo contents for?

We' ve learnt that it' much simpler to start with demo contents than to start with an empty one. Demo Contents illustrate the esthetic objectives and nature of the website for which each individual submission is well-designed. What can I do to get rid of the Demo tag? When you click a demo or edit an Annotation page, a dialog box opens with a list of possible ways to clear the page or make a page on the same page.

If you click Generate, a new page will be created with the same page header and text with the same layout that you fill with your own text and pictures. This page no longer displays the "Demo" indicator in the page window.

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