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The video shows how to change templates and use the Style Editor. Find out how to set up a free Squarespace.com test website and navigate through the dashboard. Take a look at my video demo of the Squarespace Cover Page to see it in action.

Note and video from the Squarespace demo

It really excited me that Meetup participants gave me 5 out of 5 reviews for the session, and I hoped they would find the information and advice useful. It' s a great deal you can do in one lesson (theory and practice), so the transparencies can be a very wide generalization, but I think the idea is right: creating web pages today has little similarity to the way we built them a few years ago.

What I think is really interesting for me is how I now have a tendency to first enter contents and then go into designing. However, it is a great tip when working with context menu based CMS like WordPress or Squarespace because it means that you can make a theme that you know will work with the kind of context you have.

Often we as a designer have faked something that looks nice with a few sections of'lorem ipsum', only to find that the theme didn't work so well with a lot of text and several pictures that the customer wanted on the site.

WorldPress vs. Squarespace | Developer Compare, with Demo-Video

Squarespace in my work as a WordPress designer felt a little like an increasing storm: something I'm conscious of that might become a serious issue at some point - but hopefully not for a while. When I see an ad for Squarespace, I recall this sensation when I turn off my browser's ad blocking feature or remain near the TV for a pause.

Squarespace has grown in strength over the past six month, and I've been getting very straight to the bottom of it: it's becoming more and more frequent for me to trip over a beautifully crafted website, jump to the resource and see

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