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Inputs and outputs of my square customer design process

It'?s no mystery that I like Squarespace. It' not only customizable, intuitive, and eye friendly, it also makes the customer experience so effortless for developers who use it to build customer pages. Since Squarespace is still relatively new and not as many designer use it as on Wordpress, I get every weeks several e-mails about the peculiarities of the design of customer pages on the plattform.

I' m asked everything from the way I manage my accounting to the way I select a layout, so today I share an insight into my Squarespace clients design processes from beginning to end. To those of you who are already creating websites in Squarespace, I sincerely hopes that you can take away something that makes things on your site easier and more effective.

For those of you who are considering Squarespace Site Design in the near term, I sincerely hopes that this article will convince you to take the plunge and try it out. For anyone interested in building a website on their own website, Squarespace provides a 14-day free evaluation version that is useful from a designer's point of view as it allows me to build a website design without my customer having to buy anything from the start.

Since my customer processes only take 2 short months, the probationary phase fits the schedule very well. So, once I have created my client's make and securities in the first 6 working day of my customer design cycle, I am creating a new test page under my own Squarespace space to model my client's new website.

For a few reason I created it with my own Squarespaceccount. Firstly, using my affiliate allows me to view all my clients' pages at a single look instead of reminding me of each client's passwords and registration for their own pages. With Squarespace you can also see all the pages you have accessed at a single look, and you can get to them by simply click on your picture at the bottom of the top level menus.

If I work with customers who already have a Squarespace site, test pages allow me to try out the design and experimentation with the site without confusing or downloading the site in the meantime. For customers switching from other plattforms like Wordpress or Blogger to Squarespace, test pages allow me to show what Squarespace can do before making the move.

As soon as you have created a new test page, you will be prompted to select a style sheet. It took me a while to do this when I began to design websites in Squarespace, but since I became more comfortable with the style sheets, I can quickly isolate the choices. Usually I have a master in my head from the beginning, which is usually predicated on the information my customer has provided in his schoolwork.

Square Space has several different category for drafts (shops, portfolio, restaurants) that allow you to arrange them, but I will never let you stop me from using one of the drafts (if a draught is mentioned under "Restaurants", I will not exclude it). The Squarespace also offers samples of other websites that have used the site, which is useful to see the variety of the submission and gain inspiration on how to use it for your client's website.

Whilst Squarespace allows you to change your template at any moment, I try to select a great choice from the beginning to help saving your precious design space. You can keep all your contents when you change your template, but you can't store the adjustments you've made to colours, font styles, and spaces.

It' s a good idea to do some housework right from the beginning and find a good fitting. Since many of the Squarespace topics define the distance and no encoding is needed, I don't design website design when I design customer pages in Squarespace (as I would if I designed and encoded a website in Wordpress).

Instead, I skip right into the design. The test page is considered an "interactive outline" and I work through the page's design and functions. However, I design a wireless frame beforehand - using the information my customer provides in his assignments - to find out how the site will work.

On each page, I generate a request for actions to set up a process for those who navigate through the site. I also generate a page listing, identify which pages will be added to the primary menu and which will not be linked, and generate an invitation to act on each page. Deleting all the example pages contained in the initial master and adding the contents that my customers have previously given me for each page.

Throughout my clients' assignments, I also ask my customers to make files either in Google Drive or in Dropbox for the contents they want me to publish on their website. Inside the big directory I let them make subdirectories for every single page and ask them to mark the directories accordingly (about, service, contacts, etc.).

This not only makes things on my site simpler, but also assists my customers in organizing the information on their site. The Squarespace allows the user to see a previewer of the changes they make during their work, which is very useful and time-saving. As soon as I have arrived at a good design breakpoint, I give my customers a glimpse by providing them with a shortcut to the test page.

The Squarespace gives each test page a one-of-a-kind Squarespace URL of its own, but I like to adjust the Squarespace address to make it a little bit more memorable. If I select Preferences from the Hauptmenu and click on Domänen, I can instead upgrade the built-in domains to my customer's company name. Once I have received my client's response, I keep on making reviews and optimizations until they agree to the design.

When my customers make the move to Squarespace from Wordpress or another CMS, I am adding my customer as an admin once he has approved the site by selecting Preferences > Permissions > Invite Contributors. Once they have created a Squarespace account, they can log into the back end of their site to update it from a test page to a pay site and setup the accounting information.

I ask my customer if he already has a Squarespace site to join me as admin (following the same instructions above) so I can apply the new design to his already existent site. If you are a Wordpress customer, I can help you move your current blogs to Squarespace and redirect your domains for you.

When they decide to have me help them with the transfers, I ask my customers for their log-in information for their web site and web service providers and move the weblog contents before they redirect the site. Squarespace has some useful tutorials for those interested in how to move contents and redirect domains: Prior to linking my client's existing domainname to his new Squarespace site, I make a front page and make it a homepage to add some excitement before the new site gets underway.

If you already have an existing Squarespace site, I have created a front page before I begin to change the design to imitate the test page. Once the site is up and running, I get together with my customer via Skype or Google Hangouts to split my display and show it at the back end of their new Squarespace site.

Because Squarespace is so user-friendly and intuitively, the last consulting session doesn't take more than an hours. The Squarespace is a great choice for designer who want to offer their customers an effective, user-friendly site experiences and a professionally optimized website. Although my trial is not the only way to create customer pages on the site, I sincerely hopes that it will be useful for those of you who will be designing Squarespace pages in the near term.

Are you designing customer pages in Squarespace? What does your on-/Offboarding work like?

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