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Will I be able to modify my website on a portable phone? - Square help Login and administrate some aspect of your Squarespace page on your phone or your tray. Certain edits and functions may involve the use of a desktop or notebook computer. Login and work from your portable browser: You can also use our portable applications to administer commerce orders, blog pages, gallery pages and analytics.

Squarespace is not optimised for portable browsers: Squarespace pages are all optimised for fast response designs, so they look good in popular portable web browse. Formally, we endorse the latest Chrome and Safari portable releases. For more information, please go to Responsible Theme and How is my website displayed on a portable screen?

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Any way to enforce desktop viewing with reset to portable platforms reset option? There' no way to allow a user to choose the user-interface, but you can completely disable the portable layouts and compel all your visitors to see the desktop versions of your website. To get the results, you can go through this step-by-step guide.

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When you have customer materials, confidential information, or other contents that you want to keep confidential, you can use these techniques to limit your use. Specifying a page passcode conceals the contents behind a locking display and prohibits people without the passcode from seeing it. Site passphrases also help keep your contents from being referenced by searching machines.

See Using a page passphrase for details. Adjust the locking display to suit the aesthetics of your website. It' a great choice if you want to be able to enjoy proprietary experiences with customers and enhance your own unique marketing experiences. For more information, see Designing a Locking Screens. To keep pages out of your Navigate window, add them to the Not Links section.

Pages that are not directly hyperlinked are available via a specific link and are not password-protected. You can make a page available to customers but keep frequent users from locating it by simply posting a page to your Not Links section and entering a code. For more information, see Add pages to your sat nav.

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