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Change your Speech - Square Help In Squarespace you can choose the languages that you and your users see. Each of the two languages can be controlled separately: Accounts Languages - Modify the preferences that allow you to browse Squarespace and modify your website. Page Languages - Modify the built-in word processor that allows users to see, such as date, shape box names, and navigational commands.

This manual explains how to modify these options and which areas are translated. Your Kontosprache is what you see when you login and work on your website, like the words in the start menu and panel. Select your accounting currency in the Accounts Dashboard. How to modify the interface of your account:

Launch your Dashboard Login. Move the mouse over your initially or your profiled image in the upper right hand corners and choose your desired languages. Choose a country. You will now see your favorite trading languages on all the websites you administer. Tip: You can also open your Kontosprache via this hyperlink. Languages are unique to each individual bank area.

When your website has more than one contributor, everyone can decide for themselves which languages they see. When you have more than one website, the settings for the Kontosprache control the processing for all. The change in the bilingual status of your site does not influence the bilingual status that your users see. Their page idiom is the built-in text that the visitor sees.

Under Regional Preferences, switch the website to a different locale. When you have registered for Squarespace on our website in France, Germany, Italy, Italy, Portugal or Spain, your website is already configured in that one. How to modify the website language: On the Start screen, click Preferences, and then click Regional. Click the Languages drop-down list below the card.

Choose a website for your own website interface. When you see a localized website switcher, turn it on.

Each text that you cannot modify yourself will be displayed in the chosen text style, inclusive: Note that not all built-in texts are available in non-english versions. Instead, use a text box so that users can type the date in their own locale style. There is a dedicated repository for each supporting application so you can run a test version and select a preset in your language:

The selection and exchange of patterns is free of charge, even if we call these pages "template memories". "Will the page langauge modification modify the text I added? Only the text that is included in a form, such as form block title and blog page navigator, is translated for you. Any text that you can insert and modify yourself, such as page title and text block text, remains in the original text you entered.

Is it possible to set a page locale that is different from my own for my game? If, for example, you want to use the Squarespace edit functions in English but create a website in Spain, you can set English as your account currency (in the Accounts Dashboard) and Spain as your page currency (in the regional settings).

There has been no changes in the website idiom after choosing a new one. So if the locale on your site hasn't changed after you' edited the regional settings, you're probably using a style sheet that only speaks English. Anytime you want, you can always exchange your pattern. Suppose I changed the website to a different site and then switched to a site that doesn't have it?

Changing to a style sheet that does not speak another color will reset all the built-in text to English. Is it possible for a website admin to modify the interface of a participant's user interface? It is not. Authors and collaborators can only modify the languages for their own work. Is there a way to get my voice on my app? The Squarespace Mobil applications are currently only available in English.

Is it possible to modify the message notification in the Home Menu? Are there differences between the different choices for a particular locale in the regional settings? Is it possible to move to a design outside the Brine group? In order to move to another group of templates, first set the website to English. The Brine range only support other supported text for your integrated text.

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