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I' ll never use squares again. I' m not a development guy. My WordPress experiences are vast (my own website is driven by WordPress) and I have worked with Expression Engine and resolved to give Squarespace a try for this next website. Squarespace was chosen for a number of important reasons: they offer round-the-clock customer service, have an integrated cute ecommerce site (the customer is a shop ), have one of the most intuitively designed administration panel (which means customers are less likely to screw things up than in WordPress), and their JSON template system and associated documents have made me kneel weaker.

Presenting my case to the customer, they understood that Squarespace seemed like a good choice for them, so I setup the site for them and bought the $24/month businessplan that gave both the customer and me all the functionality the site would need to run well.

Switching on the development modus was very easy, and getting the git repos on the website was one of the simplest setup experience I have ever experienced. I' m not a programmer, but I am very experienced in HTML and CSS and am now working with js and JSON. I' ve activated the development modus so that I can get hold of the source and make small changes to the website's highly reactive optimization points.

Don't want to rip off the basic pattern entirely and rebuild an unrecognisable revision of the pattern, I just wanted to make an odd type size: fit here, a maximum width: fit there. Using the page as a 1 page para-laxe page and anchoring tag in the navigation system to hold it 1 page and maintaining the navigation node as I wanted it (because of the page count of this Squarespace style sheet, creating the page hierarchy/structure this way was the easiest way to get the 1 page effect).

Notice that there were events handler for the para-lax en navigation system, but not for the portable navigation system, and any hacks I tried didn't fix it (of course that wasn't the problem). Every goddamn case I saw that every click on the navi links would switch the address to the corresponding anchoring tags, but then immediately return to the home anchoring url, which seemed to me to verify that something was wrong with the submission itself.

Looking at the boards and seeing that others had the same problem, I contacted Squarespace Technical Services to write a problem story. So I gave them the information I had, they acknowledged that it was a mistake and that they were working on it, and last night - about 2 week later - they sent me an email telling me that the mistake had been corrected.

I then made the error of asking Squarespace for the source file.

Currently I can't make any coding available to fix this particular problem. Allow me to reformulate - I cannot repair the page without someone from Squarespace giving me the source text that fixes the problem. So if you can't give me this source then can you contact the individual who can or offer me a way to get it?

Hello Caitlin, if you sign up for a Development Agent or switch the development tools on a template, we can't fix any errors associated with the template because development templates no longer get errors for templatespecific errors. It would then be the developer/account holder's responsibility to make these corrections. For this reason, we are not able to deliver the source that solved the problem.

Of course, you can disable the development tools and return to a normal sponsored submission, but you would lose any user-defined work done on the development side. As we do not offer debugging and/or user-defined coding services, you may be interested in becoming a member of Squarespace Answers - a forum where clients and development team members debate the Squarespace platforms in a Q&A format:

Please be aware that the response email addresses are separate from your Squarespace email address. As for Squarespace, I realize that it can't just put templated patches in the repository, but I don't see why they won't in any way inform topic people with development modes activated that there were bugs, what kind of coding was processed to deploy the patches, and then say that here are the patched templated patches - fuse them at your own risks.

Can' t hear these seemingly developer-friendly platformsandal boxing guys like them, and the more I thought about it, the more I got upset. That made me so angry that I went to her website and hired a sex supporter to do it. I' m sorry, please realize that our technical staff does not fix any bugs, we just mail them to our development staff and they priority them.

Me: There was a problem with the tent theme's portable navigational system, so I sent in the tickets so the theme's developer could look into the source to fix their problem - what they could do. Everything I need is a copy of the source file that fixes the error that came with the topic and still occurs without my own error in the topic file you provided me with.

If you turn on the dev-dev switch, you will not get any update, including bugfixes. Me: This is nonsense and you know it - all I need are the corrections to the codes. We cannot offer any kind of coding or solution. You can get the upgraded stuff if you open a new user interface and paid for development login and then go to the repository and downloaded the file and put the bugfixes into your own stuff, which will add another $21.

I' m sorry, but I've been involved with entirely unhealthy helpers all morning, and that's utterly inacceptable. A.: Development plugins no longer get corrections for plugin bug. It would then be the developer/account holder's responsibility to make these corrections. The fix or the fix access codes are not available to you.

Me: It's not so difficult for you to give me the information I need to fix the problem in your submission that you didn't really do. For me, the only way to actually get the templates with the fix in place is to erase the init repos I have entirely and begin with a new one that contains the recently push fix from your developers.

It' just crazy for you not to give me a chance to fix a crucial issue. Enabling Dev Toggle takes full responsability for all bugs because it is assumed that the developers know how to fix these problems. Our guideline is not to offer our own maintenance for code-based products, and we don't put fixed items on developers' account because this fix can damage a portion of software that the developers have added.

The Squarespace thing was really enjoyable up to that point, and this dead end is really disappointing. I am confused that you are not willing to offer a way for me to get the bugs fixed without loosing my actual coding or having to spend an extra development fee, and this will be the first and last times I use Squarespace for my web requirements.

We hope you appreciate that this is not about us not being willing, but about us not being able to make our site coding available under the development platforms for the above stated reason. Otherwise, I will end our meeting because I cannot give the assistance you requested. All my only choices provided by Squarespace were to delete my repos and get the fix or make another page, paying for the extra development licence and getting the data.

Luckily one of the guys in the forums had the navigation problem on his side and didn't switch to development mod. Mended. So if you have the same problem with your website and the development modus is activated on the Squarespace Marquee topic, here's my development modus so you can insert it. ys so you can (I still haven't viewed the source to see what they've adapted to make the navigation work).

Being Squarespace's greatest supporter until yesterdays, their reluctance to offer an easy way to find a solution to their coding made me more angry than lately. I' ll never use Squarespace again, and that makes me sad. My hope was high that Squarespace would become my CMS of choosing, and I think their way of dealing with this is an unbelievable frustration for me and the development team.

I made the jump and am now a hybride design and frontend development engineer for CO+LAB. I really loved this move and now I see myself mainly as a programmer. If you want to know more about this topic, please see my follow-up article: But I can use Squarespace again.

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