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50 percent discount on Squarespace.com promotional codes & coupons, October 2018

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Discount coupons | Squarespace, MailChimp

Want to make a saving on your new Squarespace website? There are currently 3 ways to get a Squarespace discount on a new website or business plan: Everyone can get a 10% discount on the promotional codes directly from Squarespace. When you work with an authorized Squarespace Specialist or Circle member, you get 20% off...and you get an enhanced 6-month free evaluation compared to the default 14-day evaluation time.

When we open a Squarespace test site for you, the 20% saving will apply when you switch to a chargeable subscription. When you have already launched a free evaluation version, we can login to the payment page to finalize the payment and the promotion will be displayed at the cashier.

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