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Extended DNS Preferences - Square Help When you have your domainname on Squarespace, you can get extended DNS options in the Domains section. DNS preference processing is usually only required if you are an intermediate level username and set up a third-party e-mail client or refer your domains to another client. Your extended DNS preferences allow you to display and modify these records:

Please note: For your existing registrations (e.g. GoDaddy, Hover or 1&1), please keep their data in your domainspace and not in the squarespace. You may need to modify these data sets, for example, to associate your Domain with Squarespace. The change in DNS preferences affects how your DNS points to your Squarespace site. You do not need to change these options in most cases.

You cannot use DNS preferences for : Click Preferences on the Startmenu, and then click Areas. Or you can use the ? button while any of the panels is open to browse and browse your databases. Then click on the name. When you have more than one Squarespace domains, you will administer their DNS preferences independently. Tip: If you are using a park page, first click on the domainname in your park page menue.

Select Extended Settings. From the dropdown list in the bottom line of the Custom Data Sets section, select the data set category to which you want to add a new data set. Then, specify the information about the data set by typing it first. For certain domains, such as configuration of MX Entries for a third-party vendor or setup of domains passthrough, certain data sets are required.

If you want to append data sets according to what you are creating, choose an item from the Append Presets drop-down menu: Once you have completed your work of creating DNS entries, click Store at the top of the page. Though you can use the Name Servers tabs at the top of the Control Panel to view your name servers, we suggest that you do not edit them.

If you change the name servers of your own domainname, the links to your squarespace site will be broken and all associated G-Suite accounts will be disconnected. Most of the time, you only need to modify name servers to refer your site to another vendor. We do however suggest that you move your domainname away instead of exchanging name servers. Please note: Squarespace does not use name servers to connect your names.

If you are going to insert a user-defined data set, make sure that you substitute the grey wildcard characters in the Host and Data boxes. Wildcards are samples of frequent records for the sentence types you have added, but are not considered records. Failure to substitute these two boxes when you insert the data set will cause the data set to be saved incorrectly.

It is possible to store a data set without specifying a priority value. When you add user-defined data sets, be aware that your Internet Service Providers domains name is added after every value of the hosting server. If your ISP asks you, for example, to use a value of mail.yourdomain.com as a hosting value, you only need to type the email in the box hosting.

The Squarespace will automagically append.yourdomain.com even if it is not displayed in the panels. When your ISP asks you to type your domainname without a preceding value, such as yourdomain.com, type @ in the Host area. Please note: It is not possible to input two NCAMEs with the same host value.

When you add an AAAA entry, make sure that you have included the fully extended IPv6 IP in the data area. You know that you are using a truncated IP when you see a "No IPv6 validation " failure in the extended settings, or when you see a duplicate address instead of a one.

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