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The Squarespace domains at a glance - Squarespace Help If I already have a domain, what happens? Registration of a domain through Squarespace gives your website a professionally look and avoid the need to registrate a domain with a third part. The Squarespace domain names are formally host by our Tucows Registry and administered through your Squarespace page. We' ve historically been offering a free domain with the option of purchasing an yearly Squarespace schedule, and now anyone with a Squarespace site can sign up for a domain for $20 to $70 per year.

Any Squarespace account with annuity accounting conditions includes a user-defined domain for one year. For more information, please go to Free Squarespace Domain. More domain name can be registered on any Squarespace map. Every domain name costs $20 to $70 per year. The pricing is dependent on the TLD of the domain. You can buy domain name from Squarespace as long as you have a valid debit code on record.

Domain names may be liable to state and municipal VAT. When your domain is taxable, it will be added at the cashier. For more information, please consult our guidelines on taxation in the United States, the European Union or Australia. For more information, see Registration of quadratic domain names. After the ". ", a Top Level Domain (TLD) is the last part of a domain name, you can select from over 200 different types of domain names, some of which include the most popular options:

If you choose a new domain name, think of a keyword that matches the intended meaning or trademark of your website. You can find more hints for selecting a domain name in this video: If I already have a domain, what happens? When you own a domain name acquired from another vendor (such as GoDaddy or 1&1), you can move it to Squarespace and administer it through your website.

Instead, if you cannot commit your domain, you can commit it by modifying your DNA preferences. There is no way to sign up a domain name that has already been signed up by someone else. It is not possible to registrate a domain without a Squarespace user name. It is not possible to registrate your own domain with Squarespace. Premier domain names, also known as after-market, pre-registration or second-hand domain names, are domain names that someone has previously registrated and put back on the merchant list for re-sale.

Square space domain can be between 3 and 63 chars long. Note that short domain titles are easy to memorize. Squarespace domain must not contain the words "squarespace" or "sqsp". A domain may only contain alphanumeric and hyphen data. Districts with punctuation (for example, ue, e, or ├▒) may not be displayed correctly in all browsers.

And if a web-browser is not able to view the char, the domain is reformatted with additional chars and hyphens. The domain "├╝bercool.de", for example, will redirect to "xn--bercool-m2a.de" in non-supported webmasters. A complete listing of the most frequently asked Squarespace domain names can be found at Squarespace Domain FAQ. Each Squarespace domain has full DNA checking.

Your domain can be freely assigned or transferred to another ISP (although we prefere to keep it on Squarespace). With our help you can move domain names between Squarespace pages. Whois data protection measures are provided free of charge to help us safeguard your personally identifiable information. In most registries, domain protection is a chargeable feature that is added to your subscriptions.

Squarespace includes the domain's private sphere. Each Squarespace domain generates a free SSL Certificates account so your users can safely visit your site. Click Start, click Start, click Settings, and then click Domain. You can then go through the process in the control panel to get your free domain or purchase extra one.

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