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Verification of the Squarespace domain

Checking Your Square Space Domain - Square Space Help Any Squarespace domain you sign up with a new e-mail has to be validated by e-mail. We will send you an e-mail with the reference "Please check your domain(s) as soon as possible" within 24 Stunden after that. Please click on the hyperlink in this e-mail to check your domain information.

When editing the domain contacts for a domain, you must also check this modification by e-mail. Failure to check your domain against these e-mails within 15 workingdays after registration will result in your domain being blocked. When your domain is locked, this manual contains information about how to unlock your domain.

A review is necessary under the ICANN 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement. If you are registering a user-defined domain with Squarespace, you will get an e-mail from customercare@squarespace.com asking you to check the possession of your domain. Your e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you provided during your inscription. To check your domain, click the check information check e-mail message and then click the check information after you' ve checked the information check box.

If your domain has not yet been verified, the domain in the domain area has a green side bar and the state " E-mail verify required". Please click on the domain and this e-mail to see further information and to re-send the confirmation e-mail. And if you didn't get the confirmation e-mail, you can ask us to re-send it from your Domain panels.

Send the e-mail again to confirm: From the Domains pane, click your domain, and then click Send your e-mail again. You will see a dialog box in which you can click OK. Send the e-mail again to confirm: From the Domains pane, touch your domain, and then touch Send again. Touch Okay in the displayed acknowledgement screen.

When you see a mail that could not be sent, it means that the e-mail was either streamed or not delivered. In order to try again, please modify the e-mail for your profile by following the instructions in this manual, or get in touch to find out why your e-mail does not work. Please note: We do not encourage you to use an Apple e-mail as your domain contacting e-mail.

Often, these squarespace verifying email addresses are marked as spamming, which makes it harder to validate your domain and register completely. Failure to review your domain within 15 business day will result in its temporary suspension. Your domain will not associate with your Squarespace site during this period until it is validated.

For more information about suspending and unlocking a domain, see Fix a suspending squarespace domain.

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