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Domain Cost of Squarespace

Web site design and development; hosting fees; domain fees.

Registration of square space domains - Square space help

Do I have the right to a free domain? If I already have a domain, what happens? Through Squarespace, you can enroll several domain titles in any test or chargeable Squarespace schedule. Find out in this manual how to sign up a Squarespace domain, either free or with payment. Annually scheduled accounts contain a free domain for the first year of use.

Are you interested in a free evaluation version, a month schedule, or more than one domain, you can sign them up for $20 to $70 per year. In order to have a Squarespace domain registered without creating a full website, you can begin with a domain and a car park page. Do I have the right to a free domain?

When you are on an yearly Squarespaceilling plan, you are entitled to a free customized domain if it is available. Please see the Free Squarespace Domain page for qualified domain names and other conditions. If I already have a domain, what happens? When you own a domain name acquired from another vendor (such as GoDaddy or 1&1), you can move it to Squarespace and administer it through your website.

When you cannot commit your domain, you can commit it instead. In order to find a domain to be registered, please perform these steps: On the Start menu, click Preferences, and then click Areas. Or you can use the ? button while any of the panels is open to browse and browse a domain. When you click Retrieve a domain.

Type the desired domain name in the Get a Domain field. Next, hit Return or click Search. You see a proposed available domain listing with these names: Complimentary - You can select one of these domain names to sign up for free if you are authorized to do so. Recorded - The domain name is not available.

Please note: If you are enrolling a .co. uk domain, please check all enrollment requests first. Once the precise domain is taken, there are some reason why this might occur. Your domain could be already registered, it could be a top level domain, or it could contain too many chars. Please refer to the Limitations section for information on our domain name limitations.

How to choose the domain(s) you want to register:

Please fill in the displayed blanks with your personal data. We will list your contacts as the domain owner(s). The Whois/Domain Privacy is contained in all Squarespace domains. Have an e-mail that is not associated with the domain you are enrolling. If you register for example createbeautifulwebsite.net, you cannot type an adress that ends on @createbeautifulwebsite.net as domainontact.

In this way we ensure that we can still get in touch with you if your domain has ever been blocked or if it has ever lapsed. Where possible, do not use an Apple e-mail adress ( which usually ends with @mac.com, @me.com, or @icloud.com). At some point, these voicemail boxes flag our verified e-mails as spamming, making it more challenging for you to validate your domain and finish it.

Delete all blanks after the adress. Please indicate in adress 1 only the number and the name of your adress. You can use line 2 for information such as an appartment or storey number. When you do not register a domain for a company, simply re-enter the domain holder's name. Please click on Register Information and make sure that your account information is accurate.

These are the contacts we use to check domain possession. Check the domain (s) you select. When you do not want to enroll one, click "x" to delete it. When you are entitled to a free domain, only the first domain is free. Even though you will see your credentials in this stage, no free domain names will be debited from your account.

Please click on the links to read our general conditions. Click Make Primary in the congratulation dialog that pops up to specify a new domain as your Primary domain. Your first domain is always displayed in the browsers sidebar, regardless of which domain a user has used to open your site. Within 24 hrs you will get an e-mail from with the reference "Please check your domain(s) as soon as possible" from customercare@squarespace.com.

" Your e-mail will be sent to the e-mail you provided during your inscription. Please click on the hyperlink in this e-mail to check your domain information. E-mail validation is a very important part of this lifecycle. The domain from this e-mail must be checked within 15 workingdays of registration, otherwise it will be blocked.

Please note: If you have previously validated a Squarespace domain from this e-mail location, we can validate your new domain without having to send this e-mail. When your domain is locked, you can unlock it by resubmitting your e-mail validation and validation of your domain via the e-mail validation links. Your Squarespace domain(s) have just been created.

For each domain, you will get an e-mail from with the reference "Thank You for Registering a Domain with Squarespace. "This e-mail serves as proof of your domain. You will also be sent an e-mail from asking you to specify your settings for releasing your information. Tucows, our domain administrator, requests that we e-mail this to you in order to adhere to privacy policies such as GDPR.

In the Domain pane, your new domain appears with a message that it is almost there. The majority of domain names are resolved within one single session, which can take up to 72h. As your domain is being resolved, click Go to see if your domain is active. Once you have a free domain with your calendar registration, it is free for your first year.

At the end of the first year of the domain services your domain will be extended by $20. These guidelines apply to free domain registrations made after 4 March 2015. Purchase more domain name at any given moment. Any domain can be renamed within five workingdays after the registration. Domainnames may not be modified after the end of this five-day transitional phase.

When you leave Squarespace, you can move your domain(s) to another ISP after 60 workdays. All www and non-www version of your domain will be hyperlinked as well. If you enter your domain name into your web browsers without "www", you will be redirected to your website, but the "www" will appear in the web area.

Receive a customized e-mail for your domain through our partnering with Google's G Suite.

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