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Linking a domain to your Squarespace site - Squarespace Help When you have bought a domain from a third parties (e.g. GoDaddy, Hover or 1&1) and want to register it with them, you can link it to your website by following a procedure known as domain mappings. As part of this procedure, you will need to modify some of your registrar's preferences. Once these procedures are complete, your domain will remain in the registry of the hosting from which you bought the domain, but it will link to your Squarespace site.

Prior to starting, read our Third Vendor Domain Connection Requirement. It is recommended to move your domain to Squarespace instead of linking it. Below are some good reason why you want to move your domain: It is possible to delegate all management issues to your Squarespace accounts so that you do not have to purchase them from a third part.

Their domain could be qualified for one year of free hosting. With Squarespace you can directly help with any problems with your domain. The domain must be transferable. Find out more about the difference between transfers and connections or start a transfers here. In case you do not have a user-defined domain, you can create a new one via Squarespace.

In order to be able to follow these guidelines, you should already have a domain with a third service company register. When you have joined your domain by following the instructions in this manual, you will need to register it with your ISP to keep it linked to your Squarespace site. Ensure that your domain service provides full DNA provision.

Otherwise, you will need to move the domain to a new ISP before you can link it to Squarespace. You must use the standard name servers of your domain service to successfully link your domain to your Squarespace site. Your domain can be connected to a test or chargeable Squarespace site. Cannot associate with an elapsed location.

When you have an e-mail address associated with your customized domain, you can continue to use it after being connected to Squarespace. Read the recommended sites and available choices before linking your domain. There is no limitation on how many user defined domain names you can join or sign up for, and you can use more than one user defined domain for your website.

It is not possible to link a third-party domain to a car park page. If the domain name contains the words "Squarespace" or "sqsp," you cannot associate a user-defined domain with Squarespace.

Districts with commas (e.g. ü, e, ñ) may not be displayed correctly in all webbrowsers. And if a web-browser can' t show the sign, the domain is reformatted with additional signs and hyphens. The domain "übercool.de", for example, will redirect to "xn--bercool-m2a.de" in non-supported webmasters. In order to link your domain, please launch in the Domain area:

On the Start menu, click Preferences, and then click Areas. Or you can use the ? button while any of the panels is open to browse and browse a domain. If you click on Use a domain that belongs to me. Type the full domain name you are associating in the Domain Name box, and then click Next. Select Connect from Provider.

If you receive a notification saying "This domain is already linked to another Squarespace site", review your other Squarespace site to find out where the domain is linked. Choose your domain name from the drop-down box. When your domain service does not appear, choose Other. If you don't see your ISP in this dropdown you can still link your domain.

Then click Join Domain. Once you have connected your domain, a new window will open with the data sets that you need to type into your ISP profile in order for your domain to be connected to Squarespace. For your information, keep this field open. From now on, if you ever need to open your DNA preferences, open Domains in the Preferences pane.

Then, click the name of your third-party domain to view the DNS preferences for that domain. Login to your domain in a new web browsing tabs or windows and find out where you are managing your domain name preferences. This can be referred to as zone file setting, domain management, domain manager, domain manager, DNA manager, or similar, based on your ISP.

Here you will compile these data sets so that your domain is linked to your squarespace page properly. Please note: Do not erase any MX entries during this operation. This is MX Record's e-mail link. On the first line of your Squarespace DNA settings, copy the unambiguous source directly below the Hosts col. Use your provider's DNA builder to build a CNAME with these values:

Please note: If you do not include this CNAME or if it was typed wrong, the domain will be disconnected from your website after 15 workdays.

In this case, you can begin reconnecting the domain from the beginning. On the second line of your Squarespace DNA settings, www will appear directly below the Hosts col. Use your provider's DNA builder to build a CNAME with these values: The last four rows of your Squarespace DNA settings show four IPs in the Required Data columns.

Use the following procedure to make four A records in your provider's DNA builder that match these numbers. Locate the area of your DNA preferences where you are editing your A records. Where possible, generate four A records that match the specifications below. When your ISP does not approve @ as a hostname, we suggest you leave the Host/Host Name box empty or enter your domain name without the prefix "www".

Hint: Dependent on your ISP you may already have set up some A-Records. When yes, modify all available A records with the hostname @ so that Points To is the same as the above expression. When you see other A items in your profile that do not correspond to what is displayed in this guide:

"Blanks" indicates your domain without the preceding www. Once you have changed your data sets, go back to your Squarespace DNS settings and click Refresh below the data sets. On the Control Panel, the Current Data columns starts updating and indicates whether your data sets have been typed properly. Click on the arrows in the upper right hand side of the window to go to the window above.

Once all data sets have been typed properly, your domain will link to your website within 24hrs. Please feel free to go to the Domains page at any given moment to review your status. If the domain is properly associated, the domain is displayed in the Domains window with the Associated labeled. When this is the domain you want to display in the toolbar when someone is visiting your Web site, make it your prime domain.

When we determine that your data sets have not been correctly setup, your domain is displayed in the domain area with the Can' t verify domain ownership error. For troubleshooting, use the Domain section's Domain Checkers utility to view the precise CNAME and A record you need to correct with your domain service providers.

In the Domains pane, click the domain, and then click Domain Name Options. For more information, see Verifying Your Domain Mapping Entries. If you need help with your provider's domain name setup, we suggest that you contact their technical assistance group.

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