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Domain List - Squarespace Help Domain name is the web site or web site location where a visitor can find your site. A Squarespace site allows you to substitute your built-in Squarespace domain (yourdomain.squarespace.com) with a user-defined domain. Individual domain names give your website a unique look, reinforce your trademark and make it easier for your website users to find you on the web.

Administer, delegate and link your domain names in the Domain Name section. On the Start menu, click Preferences, and then click Areas. Although web and domain hosted are tightly linked, they are two different types of service. Find out more about the Squarespace difference and offerings. You can either move or join a user-defined domain to Squarespace if you acquired it from a third-party vendor.

With Transfering you can administer both your domain and your website via Squarespace. Please connect your domain with your actual hosting and point it to your squarespace site. Squarespace domain registration is the quickest way to get new customized domain names for your website. Check out our Squarespace domain leaders to find out how to sign up a free domain, buy a number of domain names, delete the "www" from your domain, get full DNA checking and Whois data protection, and more.

When you have bought a domain elsewhere (like GoDaddy, 1&1 or Hover), you can move it to Squarespace. Once you commit a domain, it switches to Squarespace, and you can charge it and administer its DNA preferences from your inbox. In our domain transfers guidelines you will find out how to get your domain ready with your existing ISP and move it to squarespace.

When you have bought a domain elsewhere and cannot move it to Squarespace, you can still use it for your Squarespace site by following a procedure named domain mappings. Our Third party domain linking guidelines provide step-by-step help and instructions on how to add them. Help you priority and propagate your customized domain names with these guidelines.

Our partnering with Google's G Suite allows you to generate an e-mail for every user-defined domain you use for your website. These are some popular words you can see when you manage your domain with Squarespace. One record - A record points a domain or subtitle to an IP adress.

If you associate a third-party domain with your site, we suggest that you create four A records in your provider's DNA preferences. Included domain - Your Squarespace page has an inbuilt domain (with.squarespace.com at the end) with the name you specified on our login page. We sometimes use your name and a sequence of numbers or characters at random as your built-in domain.

Anytime you can modify this built-in domain. The CNAME Record - CNAME records are used to aliases one name to another. If you associate a domain with a square room, you are creating two CNAME records in your provider's DNS settings. DNA - DNS are web server applications that convert an Internet Protocol (IP) address of a website into a readable domain name.

If you are using a third-party domain with Squarespace, you must modify the DNA preferences in your domain registrar's domain registration area. Abbreviation for Domain Name Server (or System). Disclosure of domain data - Disclosure of domain data is provided with Squarespace domain names at no extra charge. In order to safeguard your personally identifiable information, we may conceal your name and contacts from Whois.

In most registries, domain protection is a chargeable feature that is added to your subscriptions. Redirect - A way to redirect your domain to another page or site, where the other site's web site' URL appears in the web browsers ctrl. A Squarespace domain can be forwarded using a preference in your extended DNS preferences.

DNS servers - A DNS servers are specialised servers that tell a web browsing device where to go when your domain name is typed in the DNS list. When you have bought a domain from a third-party vendor, you should adjust your name servers to the standard configuration of your ISP. Show - A way to redirect your domain to another page or website while preserving the initial URI in the browser's location pane.

A Squarespace domain can be displayed with user-defined data sets in your extended DNS preferences. Default - A preconfigured dataset or dataset for a shared domain role, such as configuration of e-mail or forwarding your domain to another location. Your first domain is the first domain name that always pops up in a web browsers sidebar, regardless of which domain a user has used to open your site.

Your domain can be changed at any moment. A subdomain - An addition to your domain name that is forwarded to your website. A TLD (Top Level Domain) identifiers the most general part of a domain name in an URL. is - A publicly accessible registry on the web that provides information about all domain names that have been registrated, as well as information about the domain holder, accessibility and registrars.

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