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Square Room Domains FAQ - Square Room Help Frequently asked question about domain registration via Squarespace. Is it possible to registrate a domain with Squarespace? When your website is on a test version or chargeable subscription you can buy domain names through Squarespace. When you are in an account year, you can sign up for a domain for free. Is it possible to move a domain to Squarespace?

But if you already have a third-party domain and would rather have it managed through Squarespace, you can move it. Please be aware that your domain must be qualified for the transfers. What is the duration of a domain transfers to Squarespace? It can take between one and 15 workingdays for the domain to be transferred to Squarespace.

Velocity will depend on the domain service providers you start with, but sometimes you can accelerate the game. For more information, see Time of the Domain-Transfers. Each Squarespace site in an annuity chargecycle will have a user-defined domain that is free for the first year (for selected tldlds only). Extra domain names are $20 to $70 per year.

Where can I get a free domain? Each Squarespace site in an annuity charge includes a user-defined domain that is free for the first year. In order to start, please go to the Free Squarespace domain site. After receiving my free domain, can I get more domain names? Once you've already earned your free domain, you can add more domain names for $20 to $70 per year.

If I have a month schedule, can I get a domain? Now if you choose a one-month subscription period, you can sign up for $20 to $70 per year. Can I buy more than one domain? If you are in an accounting period of one year, you can get a free domain registration. Any number of other domain names can be registered for $20 to $70 each.

If you are a company, for example, you can buy several variants of your domain, such as your domain.com, your domain.net or your domain.biz. Where can I get e-mails for my domain? Through our G Suite partnering with Google, you can get a customized e-mail for use with a Squarespace domain.

Do I have a domain or Whois data protection? Data protection is free of charge for all domain names registrated via Squarespace. For more information, see Domain Name and Whois Data Protection. When the domain is not available, there are some reason why this might occur. Your domain could be already assigned, it could be a top -level domain, or it could contain too many signs.

Once you have registered a new domain, you will be sent an e-mail from asking you to specify your settings for releasing your information. Tucows, our domain administrator, requests that we e-mail this to you in order to adhere to privacy policies such as GDPR. Passing on your information is voluntary and your domain will function normally even if you do not take any actions.

May I restart or re-name a domain? Since your domain name is important for your on-line business, we provide a five-day reprieve during which you can modify it before it becomes persistent. The domain cannot be modified once this five-day extension has expired. For more information, see Modify a Squarespace domain name.

Is it possible to delete the "www" from my domain? Now you can delete the "www" from your domain. Only a Squarespace domain that you have already subscribed can be removed from the "www", and it must be your main domain. If you are not completely sure that you only want to show your nude domain, this is not always necessary.

When you enter "yourdomain.com", you will be taken to your domain and the "www.yourdomain.com" will be displayed. For how long can I keep my domain? As soon as you have registered a domain, you own it and can keep it as long as you like. So long as you keep up your services at Squarespace, the domain points to your Squarespace page for the precise length of your schedule with us.

When I go to my Squarespace domain, why won't my website be loaded? So if your Squarespace domain does not point to your website, check the following points: Recently, if you have your domain registrated, make sure you have checked the property. Failure to validate your domain within 15 business day will result in its temporary suspension and will not allow you to redirect your domain directly to your website.

Make sure that your domain is activated and has not elapsed. Is it possible to move my domain between Squarespace pages? When you have a domain on Squarespace and want to use it with another Squarespace site, you can move it out of your domains area. To learn the step-by-step procedure and best practice, see Move a domain between locations.

Once the domain has been postponed, you can unsubscribe or modify the schedule for your other website at any time. Is it possible to link my Squarespace domain with another ISP? But if you switch your website to another vendor, we suggest you transfer your domain to that vendor instead. When you keep your domain on Squarespace and want to refer to a third-party website, you can forward or show it.

Is it possible to move my Squarespace domain to another ISP? If you want, you can submit your Squarespace domain by first activating it from your website. For more information, see Uploading a Squarespace domain. To completely shut down your Squarespace page, you must terminate the subscription individually. All Squarespace domain names are automatically renewed by defaults, and you can see the domain extension date in the Domain pane.

15 and a half calendar weeks before the extension date, you will be sent an e-mail stating that you will shortly be billed for your domain plan. You can deactivate automatic domain renewals in the Domains section if you do not want your domain to be renewed at all. By disabling automatic renewals and allowing your domain to run out, someone else can sign it up and use it for your website.

If you don't use your domain or website now, you can keep your domain for later. When we cannot debit the deposited for your website credit cards, your domain remains for 15 day overdue. On the third try, 15 working days after the due date for your deposit, the domain will no longer be cancelled on your website.

You will have a 30-day reprieve after 15 working day to re-activate your domain through your Domains Panel. The domain will be activated after 30 or 45 working day after the date of extension. How does my free domain name react when I change to month -by-month accounting? When you change from your yearly to your monthly accounting, your domain expires at the end of your yearly accounting cycles.

You will be notified by e-mail 30 workingdays before the expiry date. When I switch from a month to yearly accounting schedule, can I get a reimbursement for a purchased domain? It is not possible for us to change a domain you have already purchased into a free domain. But you can use this privilege by creating another domain for free.

As an example, you can create a . net domain name for your domain. Suppose I remove my Squarespace page, what happens to my domain? By deleting your Squarespace page, you have the choice to either let your domain run out or extend it for an annuity charge. By renewing, you will still be able to administer the domain via Squarespace.

When you switch your website to another vendor, we would be sorry if you would go, but you might want to move your domain to the new vendor so that it works with your new website. In order to check all these checkboxes, please check What to do with your domain when you are leaving Squarespace.

Is it possible to get a reimbursement for a domain? Cancellation is possible and you will get a full reimbursement within five workingdays after the registration. You cannot delete your default domain. When the domain you want to delete is your prime domain, first select another prime domain. In order to terminate your domain and get a refund:

On the Start menu, click Preferences, and then click Areas. In Square Room Domain, click the domain you want to delete. Select Abort Domain, and then click Confirm. Will I have to buy a free domain to extend my subscription? For the first year of use, all free domain names that have been registrated since 5 March 2015 are free of charge.

The domain is extended by $20 after one year of use. So if you register a free domain before 5 March 2015, your domain will still be renewed every year for free if your website stays up. When your website runs out while your Squarespace domain is still running, your website is transformed into a park page.

From your car park page, you can still administer your domain, turn it back into a pay site, or move your domain to another site in your bankroll. When you cancel your site, check your domain option before you cancel the site.

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