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If you have problems with Squarespace.com website today, check if Squarespace Server is up or down at the moment for everyone or just for you. Real time problems and failures for Squarespace. The Squarespace website offers an online platform for hosting and editing websites.

Has my website failed? - Square help

When your site does not load, it could be a system-wide problem that we fix. In order to keep up with problems, please visit @SquarespaceHelp on Twitter or visit our status page. When all Squarespace service is up and running, please review your website for the following points. When your website doesn't load when you type your customized domains, try opening the website by typing its built-in domains ending with .squarespace.com.

When your Web site opens with your built-in domains, this indicates that there is a problem with your customized domains. When your domainname is administered by a third person (like GoDaddy, 1&1 or Hover): Use our instructions to verify that the correct DNA setting has been made. Please consult your preferred Internet Service Providers or go to their web page to see if there is any down-time.

All known problems at their end can interfere with the connectivity of your domains to Squarespace. If you have recently reconnected the domainname, please allow 72 hrs to elapse. When you have used Squarespace to register a domain: Check your domains to see if you have recently subscribed or modified your contacts. Failure to review your registration within 15 business day will result in the temporary suspension of your registration.

When your domainname is blocked, your website may not be loaded on your domainname. It is possible that your domainname has elapsed. Perform these procedures to restore your property. Recently, if you have modified extended DNS preferences, undo any changes and review your site again after 72hrs. When your website has elapsed, a "Website Expired" error appears when you access it from one of your top-level domains.

Because you can build several squarespace locations under one and the same site name, it can be simple to merge the different names appended to each one. Those problems can make it look like your website failed, but it probably isn't. When the incorrect Web site is loaded in your user-defined domains, the domain may be associated with another Web site.

In order to fix the problem, move the domains to the correct location. When you see the incorrect page in your built-in.squarespace.comomain, please complete the following procedure to find the desired page. Most likely the page did not fail; you are just looking at another page: Navigate to the Start menu, browse down and click on your image or your initially created name.

All locations associated with your profiles are displayed in a mesh. You see the preview picture, titles, primary domains, and accounts state of each Web site. Allows you to browse by page titles or domains.

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