Squarespace Ecommerce Review

E-Commerce review of Squarespace

There is a review about Squarespace Commerce-Squarespace's primary e-commerce package. From a technical point of view, people with Squarespace sites have always been able to sell online by adding something like PayPal or Ecwid. In this article you will find an overview of the new Squarespace Business E-Commerce Plan and alternatives. It' not so great for websites that are eCommerce-first.

Knowing 15 Important Things (Squarespace Ecommerce Review)

With Squarespace E-Commerce you have access to powerful software with which you can create a fully functioning shop. Because Squarespace is a design-oriented web designer, their designs make your website look stunning and are fully e-commerce-ready. In addition to providing off-the-shelf e-commerce utilities, they provide real-time shipment costing, checkout basket retrieval, focussed e-commerce analysis, and more.

This report will cover these utilities and how they can be used. Do Squarespace's eCommerce products really work well?

Squarespace is known for offering some of the finest website building tools. However, you should also know that Squarespace has a full e-commerce / on-line store for you. Squarespace's interface allows the user to build nice, visual appealing web sites suited for the photographer, design professional or anyone who wants a minimalist, design-oriented web site (click here to see our full overview of Squarespace).

Squarespace is more than just a beautiful face. Squarespace offers you a feature-rich, fully featured e-commerce/business solutions and expert e-commerce-oriented template designs if you are interested in reselling your product on-line. Built on our Squarespace e-commerce review (we've reviewed and analysed some of the best web site builder sites online), Squarespace's e-commerce capabilities are quite extensive and make it simple for you to create an on-line web site.

When you are already using Squarespace, or when you are considering Squarespace and want to set up an on-line store, you no longer need to look for a better e-commerce option. There' s no need to be worried about "plugging in" an outside trolley that may not work well with your current website layout.

The Squarespace trolley is developed to fit into your Squarespace website so that everything looks "natural" and how a well-oiled engine works for you. Click here to get the Squarespace promotional codes so you can get started] - When and if you are up for an update, simply click the "Enter promotional code" button on the update page and type in the voucher number.

You' ll find this shortcut at the bottom right of the upgrading page on how to setup and maintain an e-commerce site. In order to give you an idea of how Squarespace can be used to build stores and companies I' ll give you 15 good examples of why you should continue to research Squarespace and use it for your e-commerce functions:

There is no toying with third-party plug-ins for your basket - this saves you a lot of effort (especially if you don't want to get involved with technology). Simply add a product block to your Squarespace website and the whole purchase procedure can be completely administered in Squarespace. It' s also great that your customer can remain on your site throughout the order making it possible for them to sense that the transactions they make are legit and for you to manage their ordering as well.

Third parties basket plug-ins don't always give you this choice, so your shoppers have to exit your site when guided through the ordering proces. Lots of people may not like this adventure and might therefore quit their basket. When you look at other popular on-line retail websites (such as Amazon), when you select a specific item (e.g. T-shirt), you can select different variations such as sizes, colours, etc.

Square Space offers you this possibility so that your clients can select and select different versions of your product. Squarespace also gives you the liberty and versatility to design, select and customize the types of options you want to offer your clients. In this way you can offer almost all the desired items and give your clients a good shopping trip when they have more options to buy.

When you have 5 items for sale, or when you have over 200 items, Squarespace has the opportunity to meet your needs. There is no limit to how many items you can add to your website. The Squarespace has a central "Content Manager" user console that allows you to track your stocks across your business by stocks, prices or titles.

Simply click on one of your items and you can view detailed information such as item pictures, pricing, stock level or even updated item description. With Squarespace, in additon to the sale of real goods, you can also buy your own real goods. It is especially useful if you resell downloaded softwares, e-books, photos, songs, or other non-physical items.

A few other website builder we've seen don't give you the opportunity to sell your own online product, so it's a very beautiful note from Squarespace. After payment, your clients receive your electronic product in the shape of downloaded files, which are sent to them via e-mail within 24hrs.

Squarespace also allows you to market service-oriented product. Click the "Add to cart" icon to adjust it to the right languages / descriptions for your product orervice. With Squarespace you can generate vouchers to administer promotional campaigns for your on-line shop. Provide your clients with action code to use when they check out.

There are several different delivery methods you can set for your clients. Purchasing cost are all checked by you and are added to your customer's checkout of items in the basket when they are checked out. The Squarespace offers you 3 ways to calculate your delivery costs: When your company has a physically present in a state in the U.S. or Canada, you can establish fiscal regulations for levying VAT on clients from the same state or province.

Please be aware that Squarespace's current fiscal regulations apply only to states in the USA or Canadian states. It is a very important feature, especially if you have an e-commerce shop on line. As soon as a client makes a purchase from you, you want your shop to mail some kind of "thank you" or acknowledgement e-mail to them so that they know that the order has been completed.

It' also important to tell your clients about the next moves and what they can look forward to to meeting their expectation (otherwise you may get many queries in your inbox!). With Squarespace, this is done by default, so you don't have to contact each of your clients via e-mail which is very time-consuming.

Quarespace has entered into a partnership with Stripe, a billing service company, so that you can receive your purchase for your on-line shop. Square Space has fully incorporated Stripe into its platforms, so you don't have to engage a development team to create the basket for you, which is especially easy if you don't have a technological foundation.

It is also built into Apple Pay, so you can pay via Apple Pay. For retailers like you, this is an enormous advantage, as Apple Pay is increasing quite fast among users as they can safely buy items with their " fingerprint " safely on-line. Squarespace allows you to use the following currencies:

You can find more information about which markets are currently covered by Squarespace Commerce here. The Squarespace is also part of PayPal, which serves many more destinations than Stripe. It' tightly integrates with Squarespace' template so that your customers stay on your site at all hours after the order is completed, which has a positive impact on your website marketing (some customers don't want to be redirected to a PayPal pay page, which affects the buying experience).

PayPal One Touch also integrates with PayPal One Touch, so if your customer is already signed in to PayPal on their desktops or mobiles, all they have to do is click "Buy" in their shopping basket to make the final buy - without having to enter their password - and order more quickly and smoothly.

PayPal's Buy and Seller Protection function continues to apply to help keep both merchant and customer safe. Subscribing to your newsletters is one of the most efficient ways for you to keep in contact with your clients through upcoming promotional campaigns or upgrades. Square Space makes it simple for you as they have incorporated themselves into MailChimp (a newsletters / e-mail marketers ) by registering your clients for your newsletters as well.

So all you have to do is create an MailChimp subscription (free for up to 2,000 subscribers) and you can begin to send e-mail alerts to your clients. MailChimp allows you to create a preset range of newsletters e-mails to be sent to your clients in a planned order which is a very effective way of advertising.

After purchasing a client from you (on day 0), on day 1, the client receives information about hints on how to use some of your product, and on day 2, the client receives information about other similar product, and on day 3, a promotional e-mail is sent with a rebate key.

You can do all this because you have already configured the e-mails and have them sent according to a timetable you specify. Disadvantage is that it would be better if Squarespace were to integrate with other e-mail marketers like Aweber, giving you more freedom in choosing the best service providers for your needs.

With Squarespace you can choose to have your order information exported to the CSV filesystem. With Squarespace, you can keep in touch with your prospective and existing clients by integrating your existing and future clients with your existing web shop. It allows you to simply split shop breaking stories and shop update products - you no longer have to go to any community website to do this manual!

Squarespace, as you can see in the picture above, allows you to easily distribute your website or your company's branded goods across a wide variety of different types of people. Square Space gives you easy entry to the extensive Trade Analysis tools to track your on-line shop. Display overall revenue across your whole branch or drill down by particular items to see how each item is behaving.

You' ll get priceless information about which product performs better, and you can adapt your market strategies accordingly. In this way you get a much better grasp of where your clients come from, so you can concentrate these channels of communication. This information is also available in the Metrics app (free) for your iPhone, so you can keep an eye on your iPhone shop at all times.

Squarespace's e-commerce schedules are uncomplicated and clear. You have 4 price schedules that allow you to resell your product. And the higher the roadmap, the more e-commerce capabilities will be made available, with fewer restrictions. Basic and Advance Shop Blueprints enable you to take advantage of even more sophisticated e-commerce utilities (see next section).

In particular, you should look closely at the abandoned wagon recovery utility that comes with the Advance Schedule. Please be aware that when you subscribe to Squarespace's calendar, they will also give you a free customized name for your first year. Please also keep in mind that the Squarespace transactions fee (for personnel and business plans) is increasing incrementally to the fee charged by the payer (Stripe or PayPal).

Stripe will bill you a commission each and every times they help you complete a sales operation (which is default as card holders such as Mastercard or Visa merchant charging handling charges for their services). Stripe (which is built into Squarespace) charges $0.30 + 2.9% for each winning deal (or 20p + 2.4% for UK merchants), which is a default rate for using payments-processers.

With PayPal you will also be charged a handling charge - $0.30 + 2.9% for every successfull US purchase, and 3. 9 percent + a flat rate per completed non-U.S. purchase (see this PayPal manual for more information). Please be aware that Squarespace earns nothing from these payments handling costs.

To sum up, if you use Squarespace's personal or business planning to purchase goods, you will be charged Squarespace's transactions costs (2% or 3%, whichever you choose ) and charges for handling payments. If you have a large number of items to offer for sale, you should consider the Basic or Advanced Store, which is planning to eliminate all Squarespace transactions charges.

When you use (or consider using) ShipStation to administer your production handling, fulfilment or shipment, Squarespace can be built into ShipStation. So, once you place an order on Squarespace, your website will "talk" to ShipStation to auto label, fulfill and ship the order. As soon as your orders have been dispatched, ShipStation will "talk" to your Squarespace website to flag the orders as "completed".

When you use (or consider using) Xero Accountancy, a cloud-based bookkeeping solution, Squarespace can sync all your distribution activity with the accountancy application. It is one of the most efficient utilities you can provide for your on-line shop. Do you know that statistics show that 67.9% of your customers who put items in the basket on your website do not really check out ready?

Here the function Exit cash register of Squarespace helps you. When a buyer places a product in the basket and does not finish the sale, Squarespace will send an e-mail reminding the buyer to finish the sale. These forms of reminders are very much loved by sophisticated e-commerce sites (such as Amazon), and now these utilities are made available to you when you enroll for the Advance plan.

Your website will not only look good because Squarespace's template is very classy, you can also run a full-featured shop that' built into your template. You can also incorporate features such as automated e-mail alerts and embedded community messaging so you can keep in contact with your clients and advertise with other brands.

It' s seldom that you get a fairly complete suite of e-commerce utilities from website builder, and Squarespace has them all for you at a reasonable monthly rate. In addition, they do not levy a commission on each sale of a given item. Our only disadvantage is that Squarespace is only integrated with Stripe, PayPal and Apple Pay.

However, for the vast majority of retailers Stripe, PayPal and Apple PayPal will be enough to operate their e-commerce shops. Overall, we are very excited about Squarespace's e-commerce capabilities. Hopefully you found this Squarespace e-commerce review useful! Are you interested to see a full evaluation of Squarespace, click here to see our full evaluation of Squarespace, in which we discuss all its non-commerce capabilities.

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