Squarespace Email Accounts

Quadratic email accounts

Update your email to your Kontos email adress - Square Help This manual explains how to modify the email adress of your Squarespace user accounts. The email adress is also your user name. Once you've changed it, use the upgraded email to sign in to any Squarespace site associated with your site and your email adress. If you have a current email-address, make sure you get all alerts for your website and through your bankroll, as well as answers to all customer service questions.

It is recommended that you use an e-mail that you can periodically use. You can restore the email associated with your email accounts from the sign-in page if you have forgotten them. If you want to use an email that is already used to sign in to another site, instead you should ask that email to be your contributing email adress. We do not encourage you to use your G-Suite email adress as your email adress for your Squarespace email adress if you have a G-Suite email adress.

You may be excluded from the square number range if you forgot the passwords for both accounts. Upgrading your email addresses does not affect where you get forms submitted. In order to modify this email adress, please go to Manage Forms and Save Newsletters. According to our General Conditions, a current email adress for the bank is necessary.

Follow these instructions to open the Accounts and Security settings: To open your accounts and security preferences, click this button, and then begin with 2 below. Possibly you will be asked to login to your area. Move your mouse over your image or your letters in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard. Choose Accounts & Security.

Click your e-mail adress in the preferences for your accounts and security. Type your new email adress twice, check your passcode, and then click Submit. Once you have updated your email from your affiliate email box, finish the validation procedure to validate your email adress. In order to resend the confirmation email, click the email adress in the Accounts & Security section, and then click Resend Confirmation.

Any websites associated with your affiliate will be updated with this email address. Please note that this email will be used to link to your site.

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