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Type mailto: followed by your e-mail address, without spaces. Link to an e-mail adress - Square Help Empower your site users to email you by attaching a "mailto" link to your site. Clicking on this link will open a new empty e-mail to the e-mail client on your computer or portable devices. The manual describes how to create a text link to an e-mail account.

To add a link to other areas, see How to add a link to your website. Please note: If your visitors have not already set up an e-mail client on their devices, the e-mail link will not be opened. You must copy your email with the link below. Type the text you want to link to in the text block editor.

As an example, send us an e-mail or your current e-mail adress. You can find help how to add a text block by using the text block. On the Text editor taskbar, click the link symbol. Opens the link explorer. As soon as the link explorer is open: Type mailto: followed by your e-mail adress, without blanks.

Then click Submit Link. You can find more help under Link Problems Correction. Because of data protection concerns, some individuals choose not to provide their email addresses. In order to promote e-mails without displaying your adress, please include a request message with a pad of forms. It provides a level of protection, and you can reply directly to a forms transmission via email.

In order to do this, link your email adress in the Associated Accounts section. As a result, an automated mailto: link is created that opens an email to you in the visitor's standard email client.

In my email, how do I link to a web page, blogs, email addresses, anchors, or surveys?

Knowledgebase Home Templates & Editor How do I include a link in my email to a web page, email account, anchor, or survey? And how do I link my email to a web page, email adress, anchor, or survey? The following kinds of link can be added to your email:

In order to link to a website, please complete these steps: Navigate to the section where you want to insert the link. Click the INSERT LINK symbol in the tool bar. Choose Web Address in the Web Address window. Then, type the link URL to which you want to submit your clients. Press Insert.

To test the link, click PREVIEW. Don't you want the link anymore? Simply click on the link you placed and then click on the Remove Link button. Perform these procedures to include an e-mail link: Navigate to the section in which you want to place the e-mail link. Mark the text (e.g. click here) or click on the location where you want to attach the email (note: if you only click on one location, mailto:yourname@companyname.com will appear).

Click on the INSERT LINK symbol in the tool bar then choose the link category as e-mail. Enter the email that you want to use: yourname@companyname.com. Press INSERT. Use the Save & Exit button on the shortcut bar. If you click the email link you just added, your standard email clients will open with a pre-filled TO box containing the email addresses you selected for the link.

Perform these operations to link to an anchor: Navigate to the blocks in which you want to insert the anchors. Click on the INSERT LINK symbol in the tool bar and choose the connection type as anchors. Click here to learn more about how to attach anchors to your email layouts. Choose the name of the anchors from the Choose anchors drop-down list.

Press INSERT. Select Save & Exit from the shortcut list. Perform these actions to link to a survey: First of all, make sure that you have your poll generated and enabled. Navigate to the area where you want to insert the poll and click on it. To use text as a link, select the text.

Choose SURVEY from the dropdown box. Enter your link name and choose your survey. Use the Save & Exit button on the shortcut bar. How to insert the movie picture into your email: Using drag and drop, drag the ideo symbol to the area where you want to place it (a gray pad with the text: Drag Here).

As soon as you have removed the clip, click on Link to clip. Insert your SURL in the dialog window (top right) and click Insert. Specify your videoblock, select a wallpaper or frame colour and your Padding, then click Save & Exit from the videoblock drop-down list. Important: The videotape is not really included in your email.

The reason is that email client would mark the email as spamming if your email contains scripting and embedded tagging. Clicking on the picture to view the movie will take the receiver to a web page of the email containing the film. Plays the movie in the web browsers within your email layouts.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service via e-mail, LiveChat or telephone.

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