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These guidelines describe how to add a subscription using MailChimp's RSS-to-Email option. Add email subscription to your blogs - Squarespace Help They can use a third-party email marketing tool like MailChimp to allow users to sign up for your email newsletter. Every subscriber receives an email each and every times they submit a new contribution. It' a great way to turn casual patrons into faithful acquaintances. These guidelines describe how to use MailChimp's RSS-to-Email subscription feature to attach a subscription.

You can start here if you don't have a MailChimpccount. You can format the Squarespace page's USB reader as follows: For more information, see Find Your RSS Feeder URL. Please click here. Login to your MailChimp user name. Then click Create your own promotion. Rename your campaigns and choose a mailing to which you want to submit them.

Type the RSS address of your RSS feed in the RSS feedURL field and specify when your ad should be sent. Click the name of the item you want to submit to, and then click Next. Type in your raffle information, set your track and trace option, then click Next. Please chose a pattern for your newsletters.

You can use RSS feeds preloaded with MailChimp's RSS merger tag to customise your RSS feeds. Those tag pulls information from your feedback into your email marketing efforts and tells the system what to look out for when reviewing the feedback. The MailChimp pulls pictures and text from the article or uses extract text and a more.... text links if available.

When you do not choose a tag, your e-mails will be delivered without contents. Read the checklist for advance deliveries of your campaigns. In order to view a pre-view of your e-mail before it is sent, use the dropdown list items in the Preview and Test drop-down menus. Start RSS to submit your ad campaigns according to the timetable you have chosen, or click the drop-down list and choose Submit Now to immediately submit a ad and start the ad campaigns according to the timetable you have chosen.

Once set up, you can motivate your users to sign up for your update newsletters. MailChimp allows you to gather email address via a mail collection request email address associated with your MailChimp email address. MailChimp is a premium function that is available in the latest Website Business Plans and higher:

MailChimp can be used during a test version.

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