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Embed Space Video

Use of the video block - Square room help Video block will add an external video to your website. A YouTube video is used as an example in this manual. Please note: Squarespace does not allow uploading video. Only YouTube, Vimeo, Animoto and Wistia are allowed when you embed a video via a weblink. Embed codes can be used for other video hostings.

Choose Video from the drop-down list. You have two options for adding a video: Search for the video URL. You can copy the URI from your browser's Adress pane or Sharing pane, dependent on your video hosting. In order to embed an Animoto video with its own link, use the link https://animoto.com/ with the branding. Insert the video block editor in the Video-URL field.

Ctrl + X (? + X on a Mac) to insert the file. In order to insert a YouTube playback list, right-click the Play all button on YouTube and select Copy link address. Insert thisURL in the Video-URL box. For most video utilities, there is a Share or Embed icon near the video.

To embed, click Share or Embed, and then copy the provided embed code. Click the Video Block Editor Symbol Hints to insert the embedding code. Insert the embedding code into the Hintscreen. Ctrl + X (? + X on a Mac) to insert the file. Please note: If neither the embed nor the url works, the video hosting you are using probably does not use the oEmbed default.

If you are using such a service, we suggest that you insert the embedding code into a block of codes. On most video utilities, you can modify the embedding code to turn on auto playback. As soon as you've added the video, you can attach a miniature picture to superimpose the video. Here is how the miniature view picture is displayed: Before the video plays, the picture is displayed above the video on your website.

When on the screen, the overlays become a playback key. Click on the picture to start the video. Touch the picture once to view the video on mobile phones and touch the playback key to playback the video. Allows you to insert a thumbnail: Pull your picture into the pictureloader. Or you can click the picture loader to open a filename chooser and then choose a filename from your computer.

Select Use custom thumbnails. Now you can insert a video descriptor that appears below the video block. Certain video service providers fill this box by default when you submit a video via the video link address. For troubleshooting problems with the video block, please go to the page How to include video in your Squarespace page.

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