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services and benefits, including insurance benefits, pensions and holiday insurance. Anonymously reported by Squarespace employees. Find out more about working at Squarespace. Have a look who you know at Squarespace, use your professional network and get hired.

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Squarespace employees say 88 per cent say their job is great. Our managers are sincere and ethic in their conduct of our businesses. Squarespace to tell us what they were doing. Square Space manufactures attractive stunning creations that help make individuals successful with imaginative thinking. We' ve asked Squarespace to divide a few programmes that really keep the uniqueness in their workspace.

Reconciliation of donations: Squarespace provides employees with the ability to donate to qualifying nonprofit organisations via salary or debit cards. Employees are encouraged to donate up to $600 per individual per year, to help raise funds for their preferred nonprofit organization and thus enhance their community.

Twice a year at least, a whole weeks is available for our engineering and design team to work on what they want. It is a period in which we must promote new thinking, creative thinking and innovative thinking from within our Group. At the end of the weekend, each attendee presents their concept to the whole team.

Hack Week often puts an idea on the product team's road map. For a more detailled Hack Week account, see the Develop Section - Freedom and Autonomy. Every year we hold a series of meetings that help our employees develop both their abilities and their professional lives. We believe in investment in our people from technology meetings to biodiversity and inclusive sponsoring like Grace Hopper, so that they can continue their professional lives inside and outside Squarespace.

Every month our CEO Office Hours with Founder & CEO Anthony Casalena is an occasion for employees to learn all about the company, our products or something else in their heads. Yearly summer parties in every venue offer all employees the chance to meet relatives, acquaintances and co-workers.

Among the activity are handicrafts on site, life-size lady, minigolf and stunning dining from Squarespace's locals. We have a number of staff-managed and Squarespace-supported ERPs with fixed financing, executive sponsoring and formal sponsoring (i.e. through publicity materials). Everything from "Queerspace"(LGBTQ) to "Black at Squarespace" and beyond belongs to it.

SQSP API (Tendered: Squarespace Asian-Pacific Islander) Queerspace Allies Women in Engineering (WIE) Women at Squarespace Black at Squarespace (BASS) Mental Health People of Color/Queer People of Color PDX Trans PDX *PDX refers to ERPs that specifically operate in our Portland offices while other ERPs operate in a number of locations" Team Q&A and Team-Hostted Happy Hours:

Every two months we invite groups to register for a Group&A. Delivered to all 3 sites, this events provides the entire staff with an excellent platform to present themselves and their work to the remainder of the organization. We' re also building a decking that contains all the photos, the crew and a funny fact about them to start the talk.

In addition, we choose a "Question of the Month" to motivate employees to get to know each other. "Get up and running with Squarespace & free website: Staff members get a free Squarespace lifelong membership and can participate in a Getting Started with Squarespace workshops run by our world-class client management group. Staff are encouraging to take these benefits by attending encoding and company training sessions that help them develop their career at Squarespace and beyond.

Squarespace was asked for some inside information about how to get employed by the group. Are there any keys that tell you that a potential hire is a great match for your business? We are looking for employees who are actively involved in building the great futures of our business and our products.

It is important in such a fast-moving business that employees are clear and convincing communication tools and show good judgment. Every member of staff contributes his or her own individual, singular perspectives, which should enhance and enhance his or her own work. How can potential employees attract your interest? Potential employees can distinguish themselves by giving us an idea of who they are and what they are motivated by.

If someone hasn't created a website on Squarespace, if they can link to the products in a sensible way, this indicates that they will be a dedicated collaborator once they join the group. How should interested applicants find out more and get to work? Prospective applicants can find out more by browsing our career page: www.squarespace.com/about/careers, or find us on LinkedIn.

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