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Create a page in construction - square space Now you can create or soon create a page to keep your web site up and running and anticipate while you work on your site. You can use a cover page, a lock screen, or a normal page, according to the type of page you want to use. Top sheets are sleek and eye-catching, making them great sub pages.

Front covers have built-in features for attaching images, text, marks and call ups to trade in a stand-alone, fully trimmed page. Use a cover page to generate fuss about your latest update without giving the user permission. In the Cover page actions pane, construct a template to gather e-mail address information before launching your website.

Here is an example with a wallpaper color: You can create a user-defined blocking page that serves as a page under construction where selected users can visit your site if they have your site-wide passwords. Just like a cover page, the lockout monitor has built-in image, text and marker addition capabilities.

Here is an example of a locking screens that is used as a page in the build. There is a general news for most users and a passwordfield. You can use a normal page for a more DIY style page. Here is an example of a regular page used as a construction site page. Once you have created the page, you can make it your home page so that it is what people see when they view your domain:

You can find more information under Creating a Homepage. Page passphrases can be defined for all pages except the Under construction page while you work on your website. For more information, see Specifying a page passphrase. In order to make the page under construction the only viewable page on your website, simply move other pages by dragging and dropping them to the Not Links section of the page area.

It is also possible to move the Under construction page to the Not referenced section to delete it from the menu. It is recommended to take this stage if you are using a regular page as your page under construction.

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