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Simply add a Facebook Feed plugin to your Squarespace page in minutes. Use Facebook with Squarespace - Squarespace Help Joining your Facebook and Squarespace site allows you to view your Facebook symbols, view Squarespace contents on Facebook, and attach Squarespace tabbed pages to your Facebook page. These guidelines show different ways you can use Facebook with Squarespace. Tip: If you're doing this for someone else or have several Facebook members, sign out of Facebook to make sure you're linking to the right one.

When you are already signed in, this profile connects by default. If you are already signed in, this profile connects by standard. To use Facebook with Squarespace, you need to link your account: When you click Associated accounts. Then click Join my Contacts. Choose Facebook from the Social Contacts drop-down list. Sign in with your Facebook user name and passphrase. Press Okay to authorise Squarespace to posts to your Facebook pages, if any.

We will never posts to Facebook without your consent - this privilege allows you to make a new contribution when you submit new material. If you want to link several Facebook users, sign out of Facebook. Go back to the Employee Benefits submenu and follow step 5 and 6. Now you can include a Facebook charity symbol that points to your Facebook account.

Click your Facebook Joined Accounts to open Facebook Settings. Make sure the Show social icon check box is selected. Your profile URL will auto-adjust to take you to your Facebook profile. In order to create a shortcut to a Facebook page for your company or your marque, please complete the Troubleshoot Facebook Share issue step to modify the standard profile url.

Once you have connected Facebook to Squarespace, the Facebook logo will appear prominently in most but not all of your styles. They can also be added to your links via the links block. In order to help users easily upload your Facebook contents, you can include a Facebook Shared link to the following content: The Facebook sharing pushbutton appears as a like symbol in some template and does not publish directly to visitors' Facebook timelines.

For more information, see How to add Sharingkeys. Please note: Since August 1, 2018, Facebook no longer allows third-party utilities such as Squarespace to exchange Facebook profile information on someone's name. Continue to move Squarespace contents to a linked Facebook page (usually for businesses), or still be able to link to Facebook posts by hand.

For more information about the differences between profiles and pages, please see the Facebook document. In order to select a push destination in your linked Facebook accounts, go to the Shared Contents on a social networking site. While you' re publishing, you can post the following to Facebook pages: For more information about transferring your messages to Facebook and customising your messages, see Shared messages on Facebook.

Squarespaceabs can be added to a Facebook page associated with your Squarespace accounts. This tab displays contents from a normal page or a gallery page. For more information, see How to create Facebook tabbed pages. A Facebook page for your company, trademark or organisation can be linked to your Squarespace page.

In order to associate your Facebook logo with your brand's Facebook page, please complete the Troubleshoot Facebook Share Problems step to modify the standard profile URL. In order to transfer contents to your brand's Facebook page, go to Share Contents on Social Medias to modify your pushing goal. In order to make your Facebook messages look as if they came from your Facebook page and not from your Squarespace page, please complete the following step under Parts of Contents on Facebook to display your Facebook page.

The Facebook Pixel is an analysis tools for advertisement. For more information, please go to Using Facebook Pixel with Squarespace. To help troubleshoot frequent problems with Facebook, see Troubleshoot Facebook Share.

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