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Quadratic Fonts

Now, "high-end" is really a subjective word - but these are fonts that (in our opinion) add sophistication and quality to a website. Use Typekit with Squarespace - Squarespace Help On the Start menu, click Design, and then click Style Editor. To find the fine settings for fonts or typography, see Change Fonts. The Style Editor fonts list contains all available fonts choices. Scour down to find our entire libary, or use the drop-down list to find a particular fonts.

Tip: If you don't have a typeface in your head, Typekit has an great way to find your fonts here and preview them.

As soon as you have found a Typekit that you like, look for it in Squarespace. When you have a customized typeface with Typekit, perform these operations to use it for your Squarespace page. Notice that the following procedure replaces the Typekit option in the Style Editor menu with the fonts in your customized tool.

Squarespace's Typekit fonts will continue to appear as available choices, but will not be available as long as your customized Typekit is on. Given the number of built-in fonts available, you may only need to use this if you have your own fonts in Typekit. Please note: User-defined fonts are available in the portfolio and performance charts of Typekit.

Move the mouse pointer over Kits in your Typekit user interface and click Build New Kits. Type a name for your kits in the Name field of the Create à Kits dialog pane. From the Domains field, select any domains that you have either already created or linked to your Squarespace site and your integrated family. Thus it is ensured that your fonts are always displayed, regardless of which type of address is used to access your website.

Click in the window Add your embedded Code on Continue. Notice: You will see JavaScript coded screens here, but do not include this JavaScript in your Squarespace page. Proceed until you have created your Typekit Kit ID, which consists of a short phrase of characters and numbers. Click Browse All Fonts in the Typekit pane.

Go back to your Typekit accounts and search the fonts in the Typekit libraries. Choose a fonts, and then click Add to kit to include it in your set. Every typeface you choose is displayed in the Style Editor fonts menu. Once you have added fonts to your set, click Make Public to display the fonts in the Style Editor.

Click in the Typekit pane on Embedded Text. The Typekit ID that will appear under the standard JavaScript embedded encoding must be copied. On the Squarespace Start menu, click Design, and then click Extended. Insert the ID of the Typekit in the Typekit ID field. Once you have added Typekit fonts, you can use them on text on your website.

Fonts in your Typekit replaces the built-in Typekit fonts in the Style Editor. Quickly find your Typekit fonts by searching for their names in the Find field. When Typekit eliminates a typeface that will appear on your website, the typeface will still be loaded on your website. It is not displayed in the Typekit fonts in the Style Editor but in the Typekit fonts group.

Tip: If you modify your Typekit, publish it again to display these changes on Squarespace. If your website uses a Typekit set fonts, this alert appears. Once the fonts are no longer available, we substitute them on Squarespace with the best possible matches. Check the styles paragraphs specified in the bug to authorize or modify the substitute type.

Typkit also removes all fonts that have been discarded from your Synchronized Fonts page. When none of your fonts are displayed, check these two steps: Have you ever used Typekit's JavaScript methodology to attach fonts to your website? Your fonts may not be loaded correctly. Clear the JavaScript and obey the above instructions to insert your Typekit fonts.

Make sure in Typkit that you include all your associated Squarespace site related registrations, as well as your integrated registry address (http://yoursitename.squarespace.com). Typkit fonts are only displayed when you visit a Domain added intep 1 of this manual. Notice: Squarespace can help you setup this support with Typkit. When you have problems attaching your Kit ID or when you don't see your fonts, open a issue and we can help you debug it.

If you have any other question about using Typekit, please feel free to ask them at or consult their help files at support@typekit.com.

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