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Create a user-defined shape of your products - Square Help Allows you to build customized forms that your customer can fill out when they buy a particular one. The forms are ideal for capturing personalised information for an article, such as personalised engravings or labelling notices. Please note: User-defined forms are useful for accumulating information about articles. Instead, to gather information about the whole order, such as a present notification or shipping instruction, please generate a customized order template.

Please click on a products page. To open the Products Web Page, double-click a specific one. You can find details under Processing a Brand. Click the Formula page in the Home screen. Then click Submit New Forms. Type a name in the Formula Name textbox. Click the + symbol to insert a text area. Choose a formfield you want to include.

For more information on the individual forms please see the explanations on the forms boxes. In order to make sure that clients fill out the application forms, tick the Mandatory box next to all mandatory boxes. User-defined products forms open as an overlays when a client hits In Shopping Cart. In case necessary boxes, the client cannot insert the item without filling in the contact information.

Clients can check and modify the forms before checkout by selecting Modify details. Execute a test request to get a quick overview of this template. User-defined templates for your application forms are collected: In order to create user-defined templates for your own forms, choose a particular item during the exporting procedure. Once the saved version of the template is available, it will appear as an optional item on the template page for all your items.

Selecting the desired item will display as a gray background. In this way you can attach the same formula to other items. Choose No required forms if you do not want to attach a template to a download. This can be fixed in the Style Editor, but the optimizations are only displayed if you are on a page with a stationery pad or newsletter block.

Insert a stationery pad on the page. On the Start menu, click Design, and then click Style Editor. When you have added a quick pad, go back to the page area and clear that page. This new style affects all Form Block and Newsletter Block button on your website.

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