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As Casalena explains, he made the dream of every technical founder come true. What is Squarespace valuable for? Squarespace knows that they have obtained $78 million in financing and that "millions" of sites have been created with their platforms according to what they say on their sites. This does not mean, however, that they have tens of thousands of paying subscribers. Many website builder maintain to have million of clients, but these are mostly on their free will.

There is no free Squarespace schedule, only a 14-day free evaluation version. The Wix was valued at about 750 million dollars, 789,000 paid user (2013). I suppose that the value of Squarespace also floats around the rating of Wix's.

Squarespace founder and CEO - A special moment in his life - Squarespace

Anthony Casalena's 2004 web site development began when others saw what he had made. Squarespace's growing and innovative power can only be underpinned by Casalena's imagination, dedication to excellence in the field of aesthetics and endurance. Back in 2003, a sorority of students sat in their dorms and tried to create a website that contained more than a WordPress easy copy could give them.

Focus of designing was on study and recognized that in order to accomplish what he saw in his mind's eyes, he had to begin from the ground up. Anthony Casalena was the founder and chief executive officer of Squarespace. Today, the business has expanded to over 580 people helping create, support and administer the million web sites built on the Squarespace site.

F: Where did the Squarespace inspirations come from? Have you ever thought about the possibility of setting up a business and what do you wish you had known before? In 2003 I started working on Squarespace because I encountered two issues when creating a website for myself.

Firstly, the creation of a website involved putting together a mixture of different types of softwares (back then everything was separate: blogsites, page layout softwares, web hosts, site analytics). But I didn't want to do that, so I began to build something uniform. Secondly, I realised that my website would be the way my idea would be seen by my audience when they found me there.

Being someone who has always been interested in good web site designs, I wanted my web site to look good, but there were practically no web related web related development sites. At first I didn't plan to turn Squarespace into a fully-fledged business, but I quickly realised that the issue I was resolving for myself was something that other folks could use a great deal of help with.

The Squarespace was born out of an attempt to resolve this need. When Squarespace started, I managed all aspects of the company myself - from installing the server in our datacenter to building AdWords campaign. The programming, the merchandising, the advertising, client service, the designing, the infrastructure and much more was done by me.

Sometimes, however, I wish I had already invested more of my early life in teambuilding than in trying to do everything on my own. F: What interested you in programming and web designing? There was no web at all at the beginning, but it was clear how big web technology would become if it appeared and how it would ultimately transform the way we communicated and delivered apps.

F: How did you see your changing roles within the organization when hiring employees? From being the creator to the support of the many men who are now creating, I find myself in a permanent state of transition. I have had difficulties releasing certain things in the past, but that usually means that I haven't found the right guys or found out how to express what I want from a part.

F: How do you think technology advancements will alter the way Squarespace is used? Some of the things Squarespace will do in the near term. Within the wider technology environment, we continually use the latest technology to create the best possible platforms for our people.

We are sometimes the ones who team up with pioneer firms that have previously adopted and simplified opaque/complex operations (as Stripe has done with payments ); sometimes it looks like we are using state-of-the-art vision in our template that allows our customers to differentiate themselves and always be one step ahead.

Anthony's "Office" Q: What would you advise alumni to do to get into technology or creativity like Squarespace? At Squarespace, one of the most important features we test for is sympathy - in interview we will ask you to present your case for two opposite sides. F: What would you advise those student who are already motivated to set up a company during their studies (instead of just wait to follow an idea after graduation)?

At the end of my studies I used my years at late colleges to interpret my class to such an extent that I had enough free energy to concentrate on launching Squarespace. Upload your domainname to Squarespace in a few simple moves.

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