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Like a hostel blog, raising $79 million in VC funding.

Anthony Casalena knocked on the computer in his residence at the University of Maryland, College Park, and did not plan to set up a company when he started to write the Squarespace website piece in April 2003. Disgruntled that there was no complete system that made it simple for him to create a classy looking website with a theme or quickly address issues such as add an images album, he started developing such a system for himself.

But the only way to create the kind of blogs he wanted was by putting together a collection of available spyware. Only after a boyfriend had suggested paying Casalena a few hundred bucks to use the program did the young man realize that there might be a free cash flow for what he had made - and began to turn it into a company.

"Casalena remembered in an 2014 interviewer that it was a releasing feeling." In January 2004, Casalena began to sell Squarespace and advertise with Google AdWords. Today, Squarespace, with headquarters in New York City, has more than 500 staff members and sales in 2015 were over $100 million, said Casalena, now 34 years old.

By 2014, the firm had launched its first Super Bowl spot, with a crazy horizontal topic that conveyed the challenge of building a website. Squarespace came back to the Super Bowl in 2015 with a Jeff Bridges and " Sleeping tape " drive. Squarespace worked with Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele to produce a real-time narrative of the Super Bowl 50 comedy.

Casalena said in February that it will be spending about $90 million on this year' s campaign. User, reaching from consumer to business like Lyft and HBO, are paying for schedules between $5 and $70 per months to create websites and businesses on Squarespace. Squarespace in April 2014 reported that it had borrowed $40 million in risk funding from General Atlantic, an Atlantic mutual fund company.

This was followed by an early Series A round in 2010, headed by Index Ventures and Accel Partners, in which Squarespace won $38.5 million. Following the launch of a modernised edition of Squarespace 6 in July 2012 and the expansion of e-commerce functions for users' websites at the beginning of 2013, Squarespace recorded significant revenue gains according to Casalena.

Casalena had to learn how to set up a small enterprise without years of professionalism. When he spent an additional year at colleges working on Squarespace, the young businessman realised he needed to set up a charging system to bill clients for using the system and took two month to do so.

He then realised that he had to overcome a number of challenging tasks such as managing Squarespace's host and designing an ad campaigns. Casalena looked back at the very practical approach he took and said: "It's a mess in everything, in a way. "Initially, with no historic customer information to help him make his decisions, Casalena learnt to rely on his intuitive skills when he had to choose whether or not to invest $500 from his minute market research budgets in a Google AdWords campaig.

"You' ve put a few hundred dollars into Google AdWords and won and counted three clients. "But Casalena never departed from his predominant faith in the powers of grace. "If we publish a artwork model, our designer will look at genuine customer websites with that template," he said.

" Though Casalena loved resolving technical issues himself, he began to realise that he had to retreat to expand Squarespace and concentrate on leading by relying on his own staff to resolve technical and constructive issues. "Casalena said, "I think the most difficult thing for anyone who enjoys doing things as a firm grows is to see that you're starting a firm now.

" In order to give himself a free rein outside his function as chief executive officer, "I still have my little hacking day on the weekend to keep in contact with coding and programming," said Casalena. On Squarespace, he's focusing on running his people. In order to ensure that staff remain faithful to the company's initial visions, he encouraged them to develop what they wanted to use, just as they did when developing Squarespace.

"Sometimes when you are playing around with things, you can find new bricks that join together to form things you wouldn't have noticed before. "It' s a ploy to reconcile creativity with the growth of the business. Square Space was never this artistic venture about designing at the cost of everything else.

Best-of-breed executives are learning to recognise when a start-up has become a real business - resigning and outsourcing is one of the keys to maintaining dynamism. Entrepreneurship concepts, such as good designs, must be kept in view at all phases of a company's development, but should never ignore the need to create a viable marketing campaign.

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