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gallery blocks vs. pages de galerie - Squarespace Hilfe Shall I use Gallery Blocks or Gallery Pages? The Squarespace has two kinds of galleries: Galery pages and gallery blocks. Frequently we are asked the question: "What is the different between a gallery block and a gallery page? "These guidelines cover the key distinctions, best practice, and other things to consider when you add a gallery to your site.

Gallery-blocks can be used on regular pages, blogs and other contents. Download pictures, attach Getty pictures, embedded movies, or view contents from an already created gallery page with the gallery block. A detailed view can be found using gallery blocks. There are four types of Gallery Blocks that present pictures and movies in a singular way.

Because gallery pads are a high-performance function with many choices, you will find special directions to the various gallery pads using gallery pads and the above linking tutorials. Each of the four gallery bar styles can be used with any pattern. Changing the patterns has no effect on the gallery block. Galleries pages allow a restricted number of texts.

You can use gallery pads on normal pages with any combinations of other pads. Galerie pads are perfect for pages where you want to add a mixture of gallery and text. You can find more information about contents blocs under What are blocs? You can add gallery pads to any of your contents areas, such as regular pages, blogs, the Additional Information about the Products section, header, footer, and side bars (if your artwork supports them).

Galerieblocks can drag and drop pictures from gallery pages. In this way, you can use a gallery page as the prime home for your pictures and then view them with the gallery blocks on other pages or blogs. Galleries pages are peculiar to their original and have a special look designed to work with that original.

As with Gallery Blocks, you can use Gallery Pages to easily post pictures, attach gety pictures, and even use videos. See Using the Gallery page for more information. Galleries pages use slide show, sliders (carousel), grids and stacked themes. Dependent on the templates, the gallery page has either a permanent theme, the ability to switch between the themes in the Style Editor, or the ability for the visitor to customize the gallery theme.

Here we have a collection of templatespecific design for gallery pages. Below are samples of gallery page templates: A lot of gallery pages have certain functions that are not available in the gallery blocks. Momentum's Gallery Pages, for example, allow whole blood pictures where the picture occupies the whole page. See all our artwork and browse their gallery pages on our artwork page.

There are two ways to publish pictures from gallery pages. Firstly, many template files provide the ability to handle delete link URLs. Those links point directly to a single picture and can be used to split the pictures into different types of content: via post, e-mail and more. Secondly, all gallery sites promote cultural exchange. In this way you can move an picture from your Squarespace page to a linked socio-section.

Thumbnail pages differ depending on the artwork, but many thumbnail pages work best with gallery pages and show pictures differently when the two page styles are used in combo. For more information about the index page and which documents it supports, see Using the Index Page. Overview blocks show available contents of the gallery pages in layout in magazinestyle.

In this way, you can use a gallery page as the prime home for your pictures and then use summary blocks to present them on a page or blog entry in a theme that is not available in the gallery blocks or gallery page of your submission. Totals blocks allow you to view additional information such as tag, category, and release date.

For more information about the totals blocks, see Using Totals Blocks. Pictures can simply be shifted between the gallery pages. You can use this to organize pictures in different folders or to move new contents to a gallery. You can find help under Moving pictures between galeries. The way your Gallery Page or Gallery Block is displayed on your phone will depend on the size.

With gallery pages it also depend on your artwork. For more information, see How does my website display on a portable phone? Shall I use Gallery Blocks or Gallery Pages? It is recommended that you browse the various templates pages to find one that you like. When you find a artwork you like, but are not a supporter of the gallery page, using gallery blocks is a great work-around.

Or, if you like the gallery page, but want to add extra contents, the gallery pads on a regular page are a good way to achieve this. Finally, if you are using one of the two galleries, look at the amount of contents on the page. Big picture file sizes or an excess number of pictures can cause your website to slow down loading.

Instead of putting all your pictures in a gallery, you can use several gallery pages to show your work by categories, with one gallery set drawing your eye to certain pictures on your homepage. Use a gallery block to view pictures and video from an available gallery page.

It is a good way to research a different gallery theme for your gallery pictures than your gallery page has. And if it doesn't exist yet, please move the gallery page to the Not referenced section so it doesn't appear in your navigational link. See Creating a Page for details. Click Add Block in the displayed page editors.

Click Use existing gallery in the gallery block Editor. Choose the Gallery page and click Accept. The pictures of your gallery page are displayed in the gallery block. Read the instructions for your gallery set to find out how to design it. Maintain the gallery page in your Not referenced section. Deleting the gallery page also removes the pictures from the gallery set.

You will also use the gallery page to refresh the gallery block: Adds new pictures or video to the gallery page and they are displayed in the gallery block. Up to 250 elements of the Gallery Page can be displayed in the Gallery Block. Apply labels and click-through urls to the Gallery page. Tip: You can also view pictures of gallery pages in an overview block to make magazine-style layout.

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