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Linking a GoDaddyomain to your Squarespace site - Squarespace Help When you have bought a GoDaddy branded website and want to register it with GoDaddy, you can link it to your website by following this manual. Once these walkthroughs are complete, your GoDaddy will keep your GoDaddy registration, but will link to your Squarespace page. Prior to starting, read our Third Vendor Linking Requirement.

It is recommended to move your domainname to Squarespace instead of linking it. Below are some good reason why you want to move your domain: It is possible to delegate all management issues to your Squarespace accounts so that you do not have to purchase them from a third part. This could be your first year of free web site host.

With Squarespace you can directly help with any problems with your domains. Make sure your domains are transferable. Find out more about the difference between transfers and connections or start a transfers here. In order to be able to follow these guidelines, you should already have a GoDaddy registration and actively have one. As soon as you have your domainname linked, you need to register it with GoDaddy to keep it linked to your Squarespace page.

Remember to delete all DS entries that are currently on GoDaddy's site as they will stop your site from accessing Squarespace. If your user name contains the Squarespace phrase, you cannot associate a user-defined domain with Squarespace. Linking a GoDaddy slave from GoDaddy requires you to customize your DNA preferences yourself instead of following the instructions in this manual.

To see the entire lifecycle, please go to Link a slave to your Squarespace site. In order to link your domain, please launch in the section Domains: Click Preferences on the Startmenu, and then click Areas. Or you can use the ? button while any of the panels is open to browse and browse your databases. If you click on Use a Domain that belongs to me.

Type the full name of the domainname you are joining in the Domainname field, and then click Next. Select Connect from Provider. If you receive a notification saying "This site is already linked to another Squarespace site", review your other Squarespace site to find out where the site is linked. Separate the connection to this location.

Choose GoDaddy from the drop-down list. Then click Join Domains. Login with your GoDaddy user name and pass word. Press Join. You receive a notification that the link was successfully established. When you click Exit Windows, you are returned to the square room. Once all data sets have been typed properly, your domainname will be connected to your website within 24h.

Please feel free to go to the Domains page at any given moment to review your status. Provided the domains are properly associated, the domains are displayed in the Domains window with the Associated labeled. When you connect a GoDaddy domain that was previously mapped to Squarespace, you will see the following error while performing these operations.

Press Join to proceed. When you have used the above procedure to associate your domains with Squarespace, Squarespace entries are added to your GoDaddy DNS preferencesutomatically. When you later separate this domains, you must fully delete our data sets from your GoDaddy accounts before you can merge them elsewhere: Sign in to your Squarespaceccount and separate your domains from your area.

Login to your GoDaddy user name. From the dropdown list next to your accountname, click Administer My Areas. Locate the top-level Domain you want to disconnect and click Next. Now you can associate the domainname with a new website. I see an error from GoDaddy when I try to hyperlink my site.

When you see a GoDaddy bug within Squarespace, try the following before trying to re-link your domain: Make sure you use the GoDaddy standard name servers. If you need help to reset, please go to GoDaddyupport. Sign out completely from your GoDaddy email inbox. Attempt to connect your domainname by hand. When none of these work, please call Customer Service for further assistance.

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