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AdSense is technically very easy to add to Squarespace. It is more difficult to connect the ads with the website beautifully. Must have a Google AdSense account or an account with a similar PPC service.

Redeem your Google Ad balance - Square Help

Square Space provides a free $100 Google Ads balance for new Google Ads subscription customers spending $25 or more. This balance allows you to generate advertisements that appear in Google Network results and other places on the Google Network. In the past, Google ads were referred to as Google AdWords. In order to be eligible for Google Ads balance, you must:

Request your balance within 14 workingdays of creating your Google Ads account-you'll be able to use your Google Ads service to access your Google Ads online. They can be in the payroll cycles for a year or a month. For information on upgrading, see Change Your Billing Plans. You can use US or Canada Dollar to fund your Google Ads accounts. When you are outside the United States or Canada, read this information.

Once you've signed up, you' ll be spending $25 in Google ads to get the $100 balance. If you want to use Google ads without airtime outside the United States and Canada, please go to Google AdWords Express. Please click on Google Ads credits. Select Generate Code. Currently, Google Ads balance is only available to companies located in the United States or Canada.

When you are located in the United States or Canada, click Confirm. You can copy your individual Google Ads codes. Then click Configure Google Ads. The Google Ads page opens in a new tabs page. Please obey Google's directions to finish the installation. In Google Ads, at the bottom of the accounting page, insert your Squarespace Ads unambiguous key into the Introductory Offer area.

You can only setup the Google Ads console display using either CAD or US dollar exchange rates. When you are outside the United States or Canada: If you want to use Google ads without balance in any given city, please go to Google AdWords Express. If you click on Launch Advertisement Today and use the unambiguous e-mail address you received.

Begin building your advertising campaign in Google Ads. Please note: The use of Google Ads does not fall within the Squarespace feature area. We can help with registration, but we cannot help you with setting up, ad management, power measurement or accounting. If you need help with Google ads, please check Google Docs or call (877) 906-7955.

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