Squarespace Headquarters

Headquarters Squarespace

Yin-yang " pallet for the Squarespace headquarters in New York. Monochrome areas, interior spaces and a roof workstation are part of the new headquarters of the website Buildingservice Squarespace in New York. To accommodate its four different bureaus in one location, Squarespace took over 9,105 sqm in a 1920s Lower Manhattan property.

"We wanted not only to make a room, but also to make more room for work and collaboration," said Anthony Casalena, Squarespace founders and chief executive officer. It was his assignment to the designer to "create a room filled with rich ness, fullness and warmth". A+I' s staff stayed with the technology firm for three month to determine their needs and concluded that they were working in a range of different settings, from formally to informally, often in many technology firm bureaus.

A similar approach has been followed in other technology headquarters, among them Wix, Pinterest and Evernote space. Squarespace's results are a largely colorless indoor space in which cement creates the flooring and thin stripes of blacked timber overlap large parts of the wall and ceiling. The plants bring a splash of verdancy into the desks, while a darkly dyed nutwood also contributes to warming the otherwise simple range of materials.

Entry is through a dark industry gate leading to an events room on the groundfloor. Staff can also go up to the roof to work and meet outside on good mornings. "As Folger says, our drafts are distributed specifically among the rooms in which human beings carry out their work, their thoughts, their collaboration and their socialization.

"Casalena added, "The new rooms we have created have greatly changed the atmosphere of the work here. "It' definitely an amazing room, but it's also welcoming and warm." Since then, the studios have created the headquarters for businesses such as Horizon Media and Tumblr.

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