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Account Customer E-mails - Square Help As soon as you have activated your accounts, you can customise your welcome and passwords e-mails to the distinctive mark of your shop. Adapt the email's topic, heading, and text to add more information and meet the needs of your organization. Three e-mails are sent to the customer's account: Welcome- Will be sent when a client opens an affiliate program to sign up.

Restore passwords - Will be sent when a client hits the Forgot your passwords? button and asks for a restore email. Resetting left passwords expires after 24hrs. Updated Passwort - Will be sent to the client after the client has updated his passwords. Tip: You can customize the headers and footers for all these e-mails.

From the Notifications pane, choose which e-mail you want to edit: Welcome, Reset Password, or Update Password. This opens a new window where you can adjust most of the standard e-mail contents. Allows you to change the subjects, titles, and messages. In this example, the welcome e-mail is used, but the procedure is the same for the other e-mails.

When you make changes, a thumbnail of a real-time e-mail is displayed on the right. Topic line - You can change the standard topic line. Titles - Use a mix of user-defined text and the following variable to adjust the email's master headers. Messages - Use text, HTML, and JSON tags to adjust the text bodies of the e-mail.

The normal text covers most needs when adapting these e-mails. You can also use tags contained in standard e-mail contents to enter information about your website or your customers for automatic e-mailing. You can use the %s variable in the Subject and Titles boxes to view the heading of your Web site.

You can use these tags in the Messages box by putting them in braces, e.g. {customer.firstName}: resetPasswordURLA reset password link, clear for each email that contains your default settings. Hint: This is needed for resetting email passwords. If not, the client will not be able to change his username or passwort. In order to see how an email will appear in your mailbox, you can email yourself by sending a test email by pressing the Submit test email button at Youremail@email.com. .

In order to restore the changes you have made, scrolling down the control box and clicking Restore Defaults.

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