Squarespace History

History of Squarespace

The Casalena says Squarespace is ready for exposure. You can download Squarespace Note and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Bug fixing for missing contents - Squarespace Help Erased contents can be restored or not, based on the nature of the contents and where you added them. In this manual, you will learn how to restore contents, which contents cannot be restored, and some best practice. Avoid loss of contents during processing by careful review of prompt messages and stopping to store changes.

You will be prompted to acknowledge your request before any contents are deleted forever. In order to prevent your contents from being accidentally deleted, review these alerts before you click OK. Make regular savings when you add large volumes of your own page contents. It is especially useful for posting to blogs if you can keep the Post Editor open for an extended amount of it.

You can also store your copy of your contents for added protection. While there are some instances where you may think you have dropped your contents, it may still be available elsewhere: Recently, if you re-activated a website that has no contents, first make sure you re-activated the right website.

When you have the right page, but it has elapsed for more than 30 pages, the contents can be erased forever. Recover a page from the Recycle Bin at the bottom of the page area. Sites can only be recovered if they have been erased in the last 30 workdays.

Contents that have been taken from a page cannot be restored after saving changes to the page. When you have unblocked contents from a pad, you can retrieve the contents before you leave the pad by pressing Cancel. Retrieve a previously unsubscribed entry (or Podcast episode) from the Recycle Bin at the bottom of the page.

You can only undelete blogs if they have been removed in the last 30 calendar nights. Retrieve text from a text block using the Text Editor undelete function. Reset all page contents to the last stored copy by pressing Cancel at the top of the page. And if you can't use your website to retrieve your erased contents, you might be able to find them with a third-party utility that can archive older copies of sites.

We do not warrant that the following will be used to recover your information. The following are third parties and we cannot warrant that they will be used to recover it.

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