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What makes Squarespace's pricing worth your investment? Squarespace unfortunately comes with hosting services so you can't use your hosting services. Webhosting vs. Domainhosting - Squarespace Help Although web hosting and domainnhosting are tightly connected, they are two different kinds of service. Hosting allows a user to build and save contents like a website on web server.

Domainnames offer domains that make it easier for your web audience to browse your webpage. These guidelines explain the differences between the two kinds of hosting.

When you view your web as a shop, a web hosting provides the actual room where you view your shop's items - in this case, the text, pictures, video, and other contents that make up your website. If you are building a website with Squarespace, Squarespace is your webmaster. Web site to view your contents, and create and manage your contents.

Each Squarespace page is saved on our server, similar to what happens to your shop in a supermarket. However, a Domainnost provides a Domainname like www.yourdomain.com with which visitor can find you. Your website's website is a place name that leads users to its site.

Domainname hosting services save and simplify the process of registering your name. When you use a domainname that is registrated through a third parties vendor like GoDaddy or Hover, they are yourdomainhost. If you are creating a squarespace site, you will auto-assign a built-in address, such as yoursite.squarespace.com. It is also possible to move back to Squarespace support domaines or even sign up for a new user-defined one.

Every Squarespace domainname is housed by our domainname providers and hosting company, Tucows. One or more user-defined top-level and bottom-level sites can be linked to your website by signing up a Squarespace top-level site, moving a top-level site to Squarespace, or linking a top-level site from another vendor. Regardless of who is hosting your domainname, once your domainname is linked to your Squarespace site, your domainname users will see your web contents as they are housed by Squarespace.

The same applies if you use more than one top-level address, because all top-level addresses are forwarded to a common top-level account - just as you can forward email from one top-level account to another. If you are upgrading to a chargeable Squarespace subscription, your subscription also covers web hosting. By signing up for an yearly subscription schedule, you are also entitled to a free customized top level domain for your first year.

Further domain names can be registered via Squarespace for a surcharge.

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