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The central seat of Architecture + Information. Visit the Squarespace HQ events calendar in New York for information on artists, tickets and venues, photos, videos and addresses. A+I Squarespace: 2016 Best of Year winner for extra large Tech Offices

Ironically, the fact that the site was a former print shop was not wasted on Folger and Zizmor, who linked industry and digitally aesthetic to create the setting for sleek yet gentle designs. Beginning with a vestibule and event rooms in one of the building's former ramps, the 98,000 square metre refurbishment also included the upper three floors and roof.

Genuine floors, repolished, continuous. Most of the generously proportioned floors are equipped with black-tinted slabs of cement, laid out in serpentine rows and "embracing instead of working against them, consisting of lattices of structural supports," says Folger. One of the many conveniences is a cast iron coffeebar, which announces that the gastronomic type of offices is at home here.

Within the NYC Squarespace HQs

I' m convinced that the right workplace can really contribute to your productiveness and your ingenuity. Particularly if your company/employer is taking the trouble to create its own room in such a way that its staff can work with couches, mood board panels, 5à7 and even a terrace. We' re very pleased to give you an insight into the new Squarespace HQ.

The hotel is situated in the historical Maltz Hotel of 1926, which was formerly known as the Maltz Hotel. The new room pays tribute to the clear and minimalist aesthetics of Squarespace. I quote: "Now, decade later, we are proud to carry the flame with the aim of giving more opportunities to voice their thoughts online".

It was our aim to provide an atmosphere in which creativeness, convenience and team spirit can co-exist. And as a firm known for its commitment to excellence in the field of interior decoration, we also wanted to make sure that our new offices reflect our identities. Emil Lukas, a client of Squarespace, is one of the artist in our room.

Squarespace A + I approaching its head office with a view to employee ethics - Newsletter

A+I Architectural and Designer Office NEW YORK CITY believe that roomy styling and the distance from remote cabins is the keys to the creation of an enviroment in which people can do their work, think, work together and make contacts. The company redesigned the 9,000 square meter area for Squarespace New York City center with a focus on providing a multi-functional workplace that provides employee convenience and creative freedom and allows them to easily switch between personal and community workstations.

Squarespace HQ, as a website development and web site creation tool, would not be able to do without the gastronomic areas that are envied in today's modern services providers. For example, the multi-functional Louobby has revolving artistic facilities, and a panoramic 12-storey staff and guest room on the ground floors provides a place to unwind in a stylish setting.

Characteristics like these in offices can inspire members of the teams and their entrepreneurship, but even more important is the commitment of staff to the business code. In this sense, it was essential for the designer to grasp the identities and languages of Squarespace.

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