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The Squarespace is a tool for creating websites. Its user interface has a minimalist design. Interface - Square Room Seven We' ve enhanced the best of Squarespace 6 with the all-new Squarespace 7 interface and added some great new ones at the same time. Squarespace 7 interface. The new user interface is a clean, intelligent and easy to use tool that will help you to create your own website from concept to completion.

Whether you're modifying preferences or replacing items in or out of your shop, Squarespace 7's streamlined control elements let you manipulate what's ahead with a click.

Introduction to the Devices View. The Squarespace website has always been interoperable with any type of equipment. You can now see a glimpse of how your website will look on your phone, spreadsheet and desk by using the Devices View and changing the size of your web browsers.

FAQ Square Area Seven

Square Space is about to release our first big update in over two years. In case your query is not addressed here, you can read our Squarespace 7 guidelines or call our 24/7 Customer Care staff. Squarespace 7, what is it? The Squarespace 7 is a new interface for our CMS that significantly improves the user experience of our current web publication platforms.

The Squarespace 7 makes some significant changes to the site manager feature set of Squarespace 6, but most of it will still look pretty comfortable if you have used Squarespace for the last two years. Squarespace 7 can be activated for your website by simply pressing a button. Where can I get Squarespace 7 from?

Currently Squarespace 7 is available to all Squarespace 6 clients on the "Squarespace 7" tabs in the Settings section of your user area. When you have more than one website under your profile, you must activate Squarespace 7 for each website separately. What is the difference between Squarespace 7 and Squarespace 6?

Square Space 7 is based on the foundation of Square Space 6. We' ve incorporated the Squarespace 6 frameworks with a new interface that makes your website structure and management much more simple than ever. Square Space 7 uses a new optical interface to make symbols and button design more clear, simple and easy to use. After all, certain new functions - such as Cover Pages, Google Apps Integrator and Getty Images Integrator - are only available on Squarespace 7.

Will I have to move my location information to use the new interface? With Squarespace 6 currently in use, you do not need to restart or reimport your work. The only thing you have to do is press the rocker switch in the location settings and you will be using the new user interface in seconds.

Squarespace 6 includes all functions of Squarespace 7. When I turn on Squarespace 7, can it corrupt my website or its entirety? No, Squarespace 7 is about your Site Manager, not your site layout or your work. Should you wish to use Squarespace 6 again or have trouble during the transitional time, you can simply revert.

Switching the Squarespace 7 interface does not affect the contents or look of your website. Which are the most important functions activated under Squarespace 7? Are they provided in Squarespace 6? As well as the new user interface, you have full control over our Cover Page builder, Google Apps for Work and Getty Images integration.

Those functions will not be available in Squarespace 6. If I use a Squarespace 7 customization and then switch back to Squarespace 6, what happens? Google Apps account activity remains intact, all cover pages you create keep your viewers viewing, and all pictures you licence through Getty Image will continue to appear on your website.

You' ll need to reactivate Squarespace 7 to be able to create or delete Google Apps account, edit cover pages, or refer to already bought pictures. For how long will you support the Squarespace 6 interface? On December 8, 2014, all of our bank balances will be converted to the Squarespace 7 interface.

Squarespace 6 interface is set. Is it possible to move back and forth between squares 6 and 7? You cannot change between fields 6 and 7 after 8 December. Currently you can use the selector to change between the two of them. Certain functions such as Cover Pages, Google Apps for Work and Getty Images integration are only available on Squarespace 7.

If I have a website with another site that I want to move to Squarespace 7, what happens? Squarespace 5, Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Etsy, Shopify and BigCartel allow you to export your contents to Squarespace 7. In order to move a website on these plattforms to Squarespace 7, launch a new evaluation version and then bring in your current website from your Website Manager.

As soon as the imported data is ready, click Preferences, click Squares 7, and then select the Checkbox next to Squares 7 to activate Squares 7. I' m using the Squarespace developer platform, and I see that Squarespace uses 7 announcements in template files. We will be introducing comments and other development ressources for Squarespace 7 in the next few month.

Has there been a price adjustment in connection with the introduction of Squarespace 7? Squarespace 7 prices are the same as Squarespace 6 prices. The Google Apps of Work and Getty Image are billed individually and prices are based on use. Please click here to see the latest Squarespace price schedules. What is the price of pictures that can be licensed via Squarespace 7?

Introducing the new version of our pictures is $10 each. Pictures bought through Squarespace are licenced for use on your website in a web-friendly solution. In order to obtain additional license permissions for an existing picture, use the User Interface shortcut to obtain these permissions from Getty Images. Getty images will provide you with the following information What are Google Apps (email) account numbers on Squarespace 7?

Apps Google Account costs $5 per user per monthly. In order to start integrating Google Apps, click E-mail on the Settings pull-down menu in your Website Manger. Please be aware that you are on a paid website and must have a linked website to get Google Apps through. Is it possible to update from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 7?

Set up a test on squarespace.com and upload your Squarespace 5 page in the settings.

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