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New York-based company said General Atlantic LLC, an investment firm and Squarespace backer, is injecting a new round of financing, most of which will go toward buying shares from other investors and employees. Investor - 2022 Investments LLC Investments 2022 is a Puget Sound domiciled mutual fund whose business is to buy, refurbish and dispose of housing. It' s simple: we buy housing that will appeal to the biggest possible range of prospective purchasers after refurbishment. Our expertise in the property markets enables us to make the best possible buying choices, which in turn brings the best ROI for our investors.

All our partners have decade-long experiences in all stages of housing and financing. Every day, we work to find property options where we can make a difference for our shareholders. Investment in our businesses to expand our working equity basis. A basic yield and net income percent will be provided.

When you want your funds to work in your own neighborhood, why not put your investment into the Gentrifizierung of your neighborhood. You' ll see all the deserted and run-down homes in your neighborhood that were thrown back by the decline in homes in 2007. It is our commitment to ensuring that our municipalities reconstruct these vulnerable assets and further develop our domestic residential property market.

Benefit from the latest property revitalisation!

INVESTING MIT US - American Investors Group, Inc.

American Investors Group, Inc. has been specializing in subscribing the first mortgage-backed securities for church in the United States since 1987. By borrowing, church leaders are able to fund their services and take advantage of the fixed-rate, long-term funding they offer. The American Investors Group is selling these notes to investors who wish the following:

The First Mortgage church invests in a variety of risk factors that all prospective investors must consider before making an initial decision to invest. Those exposures are listed in the offer circular available on demand for each issuance. When you are an individual looking for competitively priced returns on your interest rate assets, you have an obligation to look at the government securities subscribed to by American Investors Group, Inc.

Join us in building America's temples while at the same time making an investment in your finances. For more information about Kirchenbande, please feel free to call us to find a local subsidiary or call 1-800-815-1175, ext. 1134. For more information about our currently available First Mortgage Church bonding emissions and to obtain the relevant Offering Circulars, call us at 1-800-815-1175×1134, or email us on-line.

The investment in First Mortgage church bond carries certain inherent uncertainties with respect to cash, general interest rate volatility, general business environment, general business environment and other market variables. Specific incremental market concerns are addressed in the Offering Circular, including: the specificity of the asset that secures the treasury bond; tithing and offers to support the income of the treasury bond; the church's capacity to issuance of incremental bond issues in the foreseeable term; a restricted capacity to sell bond issues before they mature if required; the general lack of current detail on the issuance of loans by banks after they have been offered to investors; and the reliance on the continuing ecclesiastical guidance of bankers.

Further consideration for investors: Kirchenanleihen were not evaluated by an independant credit assessment agency. Although securitized by the Church's land, loans to churches are usually not backed by a confession or federal agency, so the interest and capital payments to investors depend on the current state of the issuer church's finances and its continued credit standing.

This and other risks are explained in more detail in the issuance circular for each note, which you should refer to before making any investing decisions. Quotations and disposals are only made via the quotation circular, which you should check thoroughly before investing. An offer may be made only in the form of an offer circular to which full information, inclusive of risks elements, on the disposal of such transferable Securities is referred.

Quotations and disposals may only be made in countries in which the bonds are excluded from or have been incorporated for the purpose of register.

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